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Support for local law enforcement

June 28, 2018 05:15 am

To the editor:

I read with interest Amanda Purcell’s article (posted 6/12/18) on the Register-Star website entitled “City Leaders Assail Show of Force in Drug Raids.” I want to extend sincere thanks to both Sheriff Bartlett, Chief Moore, their staff, and the Shared Services team for their efforts in keeping our community safe and drug-free.

I find it difficult to understand how any elected official with no law enforcement training or experience can see their way clear to pass judgment on these individuals, or the manner in which they perform their lawful duties. I think they all do a great job in general, but especially when facing the extremely difficult and dangerous task of taking on drug dealers who need to be eradicated from our community.

With all due respect to the County and Ward Supervisors quoted in the article, comparing local law enforcement executing a lawful search warrant in a drug-dealer-plagued neighborhood in Hudson to the horrors our military professionals face in Iraq or “war zones” is unhelpful rhetoric at best, and insulting ignorance at worst.

I have lived in Hudson all of my life. My family has been here for nearly a century. I choose to raise my family in Hudson because I know my local law enforcement works hard to keep this community safe and drug-free, not in spite of it. It seems to me the only people who will avoid living in Hudson are the drug-dealers and other criminals who see how they will be received. And I’m ok with that.

Chris Frederick