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Support bills that will truly benefit New Yorkers

March 5, 2019 05:15 am

To the editor:

Recently, State Senator Daphne Jordan voiced her support for a bill that has languished in committee in the State Senate for ten years while her Republican colleagues held the majority. The bill calls for the separation of New York into two entities, in other words, the secession of upstate from downstate.

Rather than expending energy by grandstanding for her core supporters, the Senator ought to be working with the new Senate majority to improve the lives of all her constituents. There are serious bills before the Senate that she will truly benefit her constituents and all New Yorkers. One such piece of legislation is the New York Health Act (S3577). This legislation passed in the last two Assembly sessions, but was never brought out of committee for a Senate vote. The current bill moves away from fee-for-service that rewards quantity and requires excessive administrative expenses. Many New Yorkers experienced this fee for services system with little knowledge of whether those services are truly necessary.

This legislation will create a health program that provides universal single payer health services for every New Yorker, based on their ability to pay. Our current system of health insurance and payment options is a dizzying tower of Babel to most New Yorkers. A universal system will maximize patient autonomy in choice of health care providers and health care decision making.

Senator Jordan needs to move away from the old school Republican “do nothing” opposition of her predecessors and openly support this initiative for the well being of her constituents.

William Mancini