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Stopping antisemitism

March 6, 2019 12:36 am

To the editor:

Ilhan Omar, one of two Muslim women elected to Congress, has gone over the line in suggesting that politicians are influenced by money they get from the Israel Lobby. It is OK to say that our leaders are paid off by Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Wall Street. But it is anti-semitic to imply that the Israel Lobby would do such things.

There should be a law making it illegal to reveal how much Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer get from the Israel Lobby. It is anti-semitic to report that the two of them met recently with multi-billionaires Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson and promised an extensive list of “pro-Israel lawmakers” be appointed to important committees.

Boycotts, although they have a long history of being used against slave owners, Nazis, Jim Crow racists, and homophobes, are simply anti-semitic when used against apartheid Israel and should be illegal. In fact, even mentioning the Palestinian people is an attempt to deny that Israel is a Jewish state. Talking about the occupation is antisemitic as well. Why not talk about human rights abuses in Darfur?

The effort to stop anti-semitism has to start with the First Amendment. How dare our Founding Fathers promise freedom of speech and press without some qualifiers! Sure, citizens should be able to criticize politicians and foreign countries, but not a country that claims to be a religion, like Israel. No U.S. citizen should ever have the right to say that Israel has enormous power over our government.

Fred Nagel


Fred Nagel - sarcasm, sadly, requires a greater grasp and familiarity with the issues than most of us here possess. Just say it: The Israeli lobby speaks for a few zealots and not most of us Jewish Americans who have stood in horror since the assassination of Rabin was publicly advocated by Benjamin Netenyahu, the deeply corrupt Israeli demagogue who is currently up for impeachment!!

The U.S, has supported a two-state peace solution in Israel for thirty years. Shelly Adelson's blood money stands between a peaceful solution, and so does Trump and Russia's shared goal of a big war with Iran designed to boost oil profits for Trump's buddy, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Read Fred's column carefully Greene county voters, he's pointing out that our foreign policy is being gamed by a narrow band of special interests!!
It also needs to be said. President Trump has spoken, and more importantly FAILED to speak out, against real Nazis in America, as in Charlottesville. Why? Because Trump, like Hitler, is using a strategy of scaring Jews into falsely believing he has their interests at heart. He only has the interests of other dictators at heart. Trump hates Jews, unless, they're "his Jews" - i.e. criminals like the Russian Mafia, or ex-Odessa mobsters who hide behind sects that are really organized crime enterprises falsely using religion and fear of 'Antisemitism' as a shield against criminal scrutiny. Guys like Eric Sater and Michael Cohen were fronting for Trump with the Russian mob as Trump lusted after his Moscow Tower, and Putin dangled that carrot to trick Trump into becoming his blackmailed Puppet President. That is the bottom line our nation will sooner or later have to come to grips with.