HRS_moody_ShopRite move

HRS_moody_ShopRite move

Submitted by Richard Moody Columbia-Greene Media on Wed, 08/22/2018 - 08:19 pm

ShopRite to move into Price Chopper building by year’s end

GREENPORT — The ShopRite of Fairview Plaza could move north on Fairview Avenue to the building that houses Price Chopper, which is slated to close at the end of September.

In a brief statement on the company’s Facebook page, ShopRite of Fairview Plaza, the company announced Tuesday it plans to move its existing location at 70 Healy Blvd. to a new space at 351 Fairview Ave., which currently houses the Price Chopper.

Rumors ShopRite would move swirled in the community for several days before Price Chopper’s announcement Friday about its upcoming closure.

The Fairview Avenue building will be renovated to make way for a new, full-service ShopRite that will include the existing pharmacy at that location, according to the brief statement.

“The new location will be about 6,000 square feet bigger,” Wakefern Communications Specialist Karen O’Shea said Wednesday. “This will be a newly renovated space for the store. Our goal is to move into the new location by the end of the year.”

The store on Healy Blvd. will remain open during the transition period, O’Shea added.

“I shop there regularly,” said Percy Williams, of Hudson. “I prefer it stays where it is. It is not too far from where ShopRite is now, but this a convenient spot.”

Liva Jacoby, of Claverack, is concerned about ShopRite’s plans to move the store where she does most of her shopping.

“The new location will be much more out of the way,” Jacoby said. “I like this store because it is conveniently located. I am not too happy about the store moving. I rarely go to the Price Chopper now.”

Lambert Aie, of Catskill, works in Hudson and often shops at the ShopRite on Healy Blvd. after work, he said.

“I think the move will be great,” Aie said. “I think it will be a good, centralized location.”

Aie moved to the area two years ago, and said the store, which is tucked behind a row of other stores in the plaza hidden from view from Fairview Avenue, was hard for him to find at first.

“I think it will help attract customers who are not from here, too,” Aie said.

ShopRite is owned by Wakefern Food Corporation. The company considers everything, including distance between the two stores, before making a decision, O’Shea said.

“We take all factors into consideration when making a decision such as this one,” she said.

The move could also mean added jobs for the area, O’Shea said, but refused to say how many jobs could be created.

“We will be adding jobs due to the addition of the pharmacy and other business needs in the new space,” she said.