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Sheriff’s Office thwarts potential threat to Greenville High School

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office accused a Greenville teen of posting a shooting threat against Greenville High School on social media Friday. The boy, who is 15, was charged with making a terroristic threat, Sheriff Greg Seeley said Wednesday.
August 8, 2018 05:36 pm

GREENVILLE — A 15-year-old Greenville student was charged Friday following an investigation into a threat he posted on social media saying he was going to “shoot up” Greenville High School, police said.

Greene County Sheriff’s deputies were informed of the post, which was written on Facebook Messenger and then shared publicly on the site. Within five minutes, deputies were at the teen’s house and took him to the sheriff’s satellite office in Greenville, Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley said Wednesday.

“A parent got wind of it,” Seeley said. “We notified the school immediately. This is not something we’re taking lightly.”

The teen was brought in to be interviewed accompanied by his parents, Seeley said.

“The mother was not happy and was not sticking up for her kid,” the sheriff added.

The boy, whose name has not been released, was subsequently charged with making a terroristic threat, a class D felony, and issued an appearance ticket returnable to the Greene County Probation Department, Seeley said.

Except for the mention of a shooting, the post contained no specific plans, he said.

“We believed nothing was going to happen — it was a 15-year-old being dumb,” Seeley said. “He thought he was being funny, but guess what? He wasn’t funny.”

The Sheriff’s Office worked with Greenville Central School District Superintendent Tammy Sutherland on the investigation and the district notified parents about the incident, Seeley said. The sheriff spoke with some parents, he added.

Any student who threatens violence to a school will suffer consequences, Seeley warned.

“This younger generation is out of control,” Seeley said. “Anybody who wants to play these games and be irresponsible, we will come after you.”

Students and staff were not in immediate danger, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office.

Seeley’s main goal is to protect every student in each of Greene County’s schools.

“We don’t need something like what happened in Florida,” Seeley said, referring to the Feb. 14 Marjory Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Sutherland declined to comment on what will happen to the boy when school starts in September.

The Greenville Central School District’s highest priority is student and staff safety, she said. Sutherland encourages parents to continue talking with their children about appropriate uses of social media and using good judgment, she wrote in a letter sent to parents Monday.

“As a district, we remain committed to communicating with parents and guardians,” Sutherland said. “By working together, we will continue to maintain a safe school environment.”

The Greenville Board of Education expects to approve a resolution Monday to post a school resource officer in the district beginning this fall, Sutherland said.

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The loss of COs from Greene COunty Jail (28) is now competently managed. There will be no layoffs, but there’s no real move to use the staff from the now closed Greene County Jail (if closed April 20) to schools. Oddly, there’s a push to increase SRO, School Resource Officers. But, there’s absolutely no known violence threats at any of our schools. Of course, since there’s no growth in the county, no plan for growth - for-profit, non-public, non-seasonal jobs - the opportunity becomes school SROs. It’s the topic at next Mondy’s “Safety” Committee. I’ve noticed that the more guns there are the more guns there are. Greg Seeley pushes guns. See the connection? The jail closed not because of architecture but because of behavior by Greg Seeley and Michael Spitz (see Beilein report I encourage the reader to watch Greg Seeley practically foaming at the mouth popularizing guns. So, be aware, militarize game peaceful, non-violent schools by people like Greg Seeley is not a good idea. It is expensive. It’s likely to cause more trouble than it helps, especially because there’s no actual problem at all now. You’ve been warned.