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Senator on the wrong side of proposed legislation

June 27, 2019 05:15 am

To the editor:

Once again, State Senator Daphne Jordan has come out on the wrong side of proposed legislation that will benefit everyday working families. Her latest newsletter concerning rent control legislation is nothing more than a series of unsubstantiated sound bites designed to create fear among average New Yorkers. She uses standard reactionary rhetoric in statements like, “rent control will create…more neighborhood blight and reduce property values for entire communities.”

Then there’s the old reliable Republican mantra that this legislation will “increase taxes and expand the reach of government.” The fact that real estate developers’ main concern is their bottom line and not the availability of affordable housing for the all New Yorkers is beyond the Senator’s reasoning. When she refers to the latest legislative session as a “radical, socialist agenda” she retreats to the Fox News McCarthyite script that wants to revive the old “Red Scare” to its viewers.

Her latest fear mongering diatribe is just another example of the “Secession” Senator’s lack of concern for the real issues important to the working class and poor residents of New York State. While she rails against issues like rent control and drivers’ licenses for undocumented workers, she neglects to explain her negative votes on voter reforms, campaign finance reform, gender identity and climate action. The Senator is, simply put, a scapegoat politician; attacking legislation that will help the neediest New Yorkers while downplaying and outright hiding her positions on issues that impact her special interest backers.

William Mancini


Arguments against rent protection, rent control, and affordable health care base upon universal accessible medicare and reining in corporate health insurance profits and stranglehold on corporate and Big Pharma special interests have several features in common: They assert their opinions like mantras upon disputed facts. And they ignore their immense popularity once they are made available to the wider public. But, they are not free. And the rub is, "who pays." Corporations and rich people don't want to pay their fair share in America. They did the math a long time ago and realized it's worth paying hundreds of millions of dollars to corrupt politicians through lobbyists compared to billions in taxes that they now selfishly enjoy as "profits." It's socialism for the rich. The Republicans love to inveigh against "Socialism" - but they mean "Socialism that helps the middle class (what's left of it) and the poor."

Billions for overpriced weapons systems with little oversight, trillions in free tax giveaways, and blatant corruption and payoffs have defined the Trump Era in less than a single term. But it isn't just Trump, its his thoughtless and hypocritical followers like Daphne Jordan who learned their "Doublespeak" seemingly at George Orwell's knee, masquerading as populists when they really stand for greed, dishonesty and hypocrisy. She panders to fear of immigrants, fear of government helping people, and fear, period.