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Rhodes demonstrates leadership

June 6, 2018 05:27 pm

To the editor:

As a small business owner many issues confront me on a daily basis. By far the most important of those issues is honest government. Without clean, honest, government small business can not survive. Issues like, taxation, immigration, tariffs and simple civility form the heart of small business operations and right now, under the our Republican lead government, all those issues are failing.

It is imperative that small business owners help send a message to Washington by re-electing Democratic leadership to the House of Representatives. The only House Democratic candidate in the 19th district of New York that demonstrates that leadership is Gareth Rhodes.

If you haven’t met Gareth yet I highly recommend that you take the time to do so. Given Gareth’s local roots and his decision to stay local in his work, Gareth is a sure winner in a race against our current Republican representative.

If you are a registered Democrat I urge you to please cast your vote for Gareth Rhodes in the June 26th primary. If not, please remember, when you see the name Gareth Rhodes on the ballet in November that Gareth is the candidate we all need in Congress, without regard for party.

Ed Spitzer

Small Business owner