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Real Estate Brings Jangly Indie-Rock to Helsinki Hudson

September 13, 2018 03:11 pm

HUDSON — Indie-rock band Real Estate brings its jangly pop sounds to Club Helsinki Hudson on Thursday, September 13, at 8 p.m. Psych-rock duo Wet Tuna will warm up the crowd with its singular jams.

Known for its winsome songwriting and profound earnestness, Real Estate’s airily melodic songs float atop a latticework of jangly guitars that should appeal to fans of Weezer, Deerhunter, and the Feelies. The group’s most recent album, “In Mind,” delivers the familiar warmth and soft-focus narratives that characterize the band - pastoral guitars, elegantly deployed arrangements, a sort of mindful melancholy. Airtight pop songs vie with open-ended jams that might remind a listener of Wilco.

Pitchfork Magazine wrote, “The simplicity of Real Estate’s music has simultaneously proved to be a boon and a minor thorn in the band’s side since they wafted into indie-rock’s consciousness [nine] years ago, recalling fellow New Jerseyans the Feelies’ jangly, elliptical mantras as well as Yo La Tengo’s patient elegance.”

The group was founded in New Jersey before members moved to Brooklyn. They have now scattered to various corners of the U.S. The band’s ostensible leader, guitarist, vocalist, and chief songwriter Martin Cortney now calls Beacon, N.Y., home, and bassist Alex Bleeker now lives in California.

As for the band’s widespread appeal, Bleeker theorizes, “I think there’s an earnestness to what we do. It’s coming from a truthful place of human experience, but it’s also kind of raw. It evokes something for people, even though we are often dissecting subject matter that seems super normal and undramatic, it’s also relatable. We all grew up with this common, cookie-cutter kind of American suburban experience, and we can’t help but write about that. I think there aren’t a lot of people who actually write about that in a very forthright way.”

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