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Race and the District 19 Congressional election

July 18, 2018 09:39 am

To the editor:

Democratic delegate Anthony Delgado’s experience as a African-American is now being made a target of Republican PAC money. Republicans are widely distributing adds about the lyrics in his rap songs, lyrics that portray how it is to be black in America. As an American, I feel the oppressive weight and injustice of our history on the democratic and civil rights of African-Americans. This is now a centerpiece of the District 19 election. So be it. Let us each personally look at what it means for each of us as an American to have race interjected into the election of our next Congressman.

Is Delgado to be banished for expressing in his music what his experience as an African American has been? Or should we see this as a part of what it is to be an American and celebrate someone who despite injustice to his race has nonetheless been passionate about being an American, living the dream and is willing to serve.

Susan Staples

Stone Ridge