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R. Kelly Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Two More Women

February 22, 2019 01:53 pm

Two additional women came forward Thursday to accuse R&B star R. Kelly of sexual abuse and misconduct while they were minors.

The women, who had not previously spoken publicly about the accusations, gave their accounts at a news conference in New York organized by their lawyer, Gloria Allred.
The two women, Latresa Scaff, 40, and Rochelle Washington, 39, both of Maryland, said they met the singer, whose real name is Robert Kelly and who has faced sexual abuse accusations going back decades, after a concert in Baltimore in 1995 or 1996.
Kelly had performed with LL Cool J at an arena in the city. The two teenagers, who were about 16 and 15 at the time, bought tickets to the concert and an after-party at a nearby nightclub, they said.
Allred showed photos of the two women that they said were taken that night. They had dressed up and were smiling broadly as they posed with LL Cool J and in front of a backdrop emblazoned with Kelly’s visage.
At the after-party, Kelly pointed to the girls and asked his security guards to bring them to the stage, the women said. They were offered drugs and alcohol, and Kelly’s staff members paid for a taxi to take them back to his hotel, Scaff said.
While waiting for Kelly to arrive in a hotel suite, the girls were so excited that they called a local radio station to tell them they were with R. Kelly, Scaff said. They went on live radio and “many people heard us,” she added.
Kelly entered the room a short while later with his penis exposed and asked the girls to dance, Scaff said. He asked for a threesome, the women said, and Rochelle, who was younger, said she would not participate and went into the bathroom.
Kelly then asked Scaff to perform oral sex, and had sex with her, she said. She was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol at the time, she added.
Afterward, neither girl saw Kelly again.
“I am speaking out because I want to encourage other victims who I know must be out there to come forward as well,” Scaff said.
A lawyer for Kelly did not immediately return a call and email requesting comment.