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The proposed mega gas station at Bell’s Pond

March 22, 2019 12:16 am Updated: March 22, 2019 12:16 am

To the editor:

I live on Route 9H about a mile north of Bell’s Pond intersection of Routes 9, 9H, 82 and 23. This intersection sees between 7,000 and 8,000 cars and trucks daily according to a traffic study done before the building of the new bridge on 9H. Having lived here for more than 19 years I can testify to the fact the at least 50 percent of that traffic is big rigs and out of state, long haul trucks. The proposed mega truck stop to be built in the field across from Rockwell Stud farm will not only lead to more traffic and accidents but also will threaten one of the largest glacial aquifers in the northeast. Runoff from this proposed project of contaminating toxic substances is a given thus threatening not only this very valuable aquifer but wells and streams connected to Bell Pond. Rockwell Stud is a premier New York State thoroughbred breeding facility and hosts hundreds of new foals each spring. It is a modern facility and brings horses from across the country to its beautiful and peaceful pastures. A mega truck stop could threaten the viability of Rockwell Stud.

In addition, this intersection is already dangerous with heavy truck traffic going to and from 23 to I-87 and Rt 9H to I-90, but clients of the horse farm are constantly turning in and out of the gates which will be directly across the road from one of the ingress/egress entries into the mega truck stop. I am also greatly concerned about increased traffic noise and light pollution from this project. At a meeting held on March 6 of the Livingston Planning Board, both a hydrologist/geologist and an environmental lawyer presented clear and present dangers to the environment, the animals and the people living near this location.

I am strongly against this project because it will affect my well, the creek below our house and the increased traffic will make it even more difficult to travel Rt. 9H during peak driving periods. In addition, the glacial aquifer is a very valuable asset to not only the town of Livingston but to all those who depend on clean water for miles around. The Planning Board will make its decision on April 4th to give a green light to this un-needed project or refuse a special permit.

For those living now and for future generations water will be the most valuable resource we have. I ask the planning board of the town of Livingston to think long and hard about this proposed project, its long term sustainability and the high cost of tainting an important resource before granting or denying this project.

Anne Macpherson