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The Prattsville Scoop: This year’s Easter egg hunt was one of the best ever

Thanks to Claudia Bracaliello we can have at least a picture of flowers to remind us of spring.
April 11, 2018 11:42 am Updated: April 11, 2018 12:01 pm

PRATTSVILLE — The Scoop is back on schedule, and thanks to all for understanding.

The 2018 Easter egg hunt sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit No. 1327 got rave reviews, some said the best ever. Thanks go out to all who stepped up to make it so. Cathy Brainerd Martino was chairman and Marianne Krauss served as her next-in-command. Auxiliary members Connie Lane and Debbie Wandursky did their part to bring happiness and excitement to the children.

Legionnaires Kip Rikard and Dana Hommel had to take orders from the auxiliary members, but did so willingly and with expertise. As always, Prattsville residents and businesses rounded out the worker bees. Peggy Young and Jill Piccoli were there to do their part and Young’s Ace Hardware so graciously opened its facility for the Easter egg hunt. It was all topped off by the appearance of the Easter Bunny, who shall remain nameless.

Jim’s Great American aided in making this another special day for the children of the area and a Grade A for Prattsville.

Seems like we have many good citizens in Prattsville. Jeff Schrier and Joann Roman have joined the long list of donors and volunteers for our local and hospitalized veterans. Through Jeff’s Gourmet Food Distributorship, the veterans at Stratton VAMC, either as patients or needy or homeless, will be able to eat a little bit better. This winter has lasted forever and dollars for utilities will be first in line for their funds and food is put farther down on the list. Thank you, Jeff and Joann, for helping those who did so much for all of us. Isn’t generosity a good way to get to know your neighbor better?

Previous Prattsville residents making a visit to their hometown were Mary O’Hara and Andreas Fuchs. They each stayed about one week and have made plans to return periodically. Mary’s sister, Erin, made a visit to mom Betty O’Hara a few weeks before.

Jim and Peg Young have been home from their small vacation in Florida a few weeks ago. While there, they visited Peg’s mom, Peggy, and dad, John. They were also able to fit in a cruise. After their return, son John and wife Jessica had their turn at a vacation. The Youngs are super local merchants and do so much for our community — they deserve some vacation time. Plus, the younger couple has to get in their free time before the upcoming birth of their baby girl.

Thanks to Adam Cross, of Lexington, who does the Bread Alone run every weekend to pick up bread to be distributed among churches from East Jewett to Grand Gorge. Cathy Brainerd Martino and Dana Hommel are also sent thanks for bringing the bread to Prattsville. In the absence of the usual distributors, Connie Lane stepped up for the drop off at St. Philip’s during Easter. Thanks to all you good neighbors.

Terrie Lane Clark in South Gilboa had 10 inches of snow Saturday morning and Hank and Ann Oliver had 5 inches. Heard this April is headed for being the coldest April on record. Spring?

Mary Granger, granddaughter of Barbara and Phil Vetter, also made the Junior Honor Society along with Dylan and Gage. On the National Honor Society is Kelly-Jo Van Valkenburgh.

Roman Everett and mom Julieanne visited her parents Ken and Janelle Maurer recently. Roman, who was one year old last month, has just on the verge of taking his first steps.

Get-well wishes go out to Diana Jaeger who is down with a respiratory ailment — isn’t that a mean way to celebrate your return from Hawaii? Belated get-well wishes go out to Tim Brand who had a two-week date with pneumonia. Then, one-time resident of Lexington, Donna Minew Van Valkenburgh, now of Rochester, is wished a return to good health.

A luncheon is planned in the memory of Stella Cross at the Stratton VAMC on April 23. If you are interested, please get in touch with the Gurleys by noon April 16. Reservations are necessary. Stella really enjoyed these lunches, sponsored by the Prattsville American Legion Post No. 1317 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 1327, and this will be a way of keeping her loyalty to our veterans active and vibrant.

Dine in Greene is active at this time until April 16. Cathy Martino and Dana Hommel, Marianne and Johannes Krauss and Bob and Ginny Gurley enjoyed a dinner at Chalet Fondue as part of this event. Diana and Arnold Jaeger had to cancel out because Diana’s fight with the bug. The evening started at the Gurleys and the fireplace was put to good use. Who would have thought a fireplace would come in handy for the month of April?

Tom and Ursula Gurley Lindley traveled to Prattsville on March 29 to drive her parents to Brunswick, Maine, on March 30 to visit her Aunt Jean and family. Cousins from the states of Maine, Indiana, New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Virginia got to spend some time together, which doesn’t happen often enough.

Get-well wishes go out to Mike O’Hara.

Belated birthday wishes to Bob Gurley Jr. on April 8 and Crystal Cornell on April 11.

Happy birthday to Ashleigh Jaeger on April 13. On April 15, we wish Kendall Thorington a happy birthday. Angie DeNero is wished a very happy birthday April 17. Diane Lane is wished a happy birthday April 19. Grandpa Randy Brainerd is wished a very happy birthday April 20.

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