0913_COL_the prattsville scoop pic

0913_COL_the prattsville scoop pic

Submitted by Abby and Gabby on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 11:42 am

The Prattsville Scoop: Prattsville residents urged to use Free Mart


PRATTSVILLE — Fall is sort of here and we can deal with it, sort of. The humidity is finally gone and we can breathe. Soon it will be time to rake the leaves.

If any of you took the chance to avail yourself of the activities on our Town Green on Sundays, you can thank Phoebe Potter who was the impetus of it. She reports: “I am not sure how much you’ve been following our recent activities, but over the summer myself and three other local people (we live in West Kill, Windham, Conesville, and Hunter) started the Phoenix Web Cooperative, an organization that hosts the free mart, and has big dreams of growing into a small business that supports local creatives in the area. I had a wonderful time starting the Prattsville Farm & Art Market with Tyler on the Town Green this summer, during which we popped up our free mart — a community donation hub where people can give or take whatever they want — every Sunday. We have served hundreds of people, who consistently reflect back how much they appreciate the free mart and our goal of supporting the share economy.

We are scheduled to be on the Town Green until the end of October, and would love to be able to continue hosting the market on Sundays in an indoor space over the winter months.”……They are looking for space in Prattsville…….”Otherwise, we may have to take the free mart to Hunter, and that would make me sad (I’m biased in my Prattsville love — chalk it up to me being a GCCS grad :)… We would totally support hosting other activities in the space in addition to the free mart (Legion meetings, etc.), if there are other uses you had in mind!” So if anyone knows of a good indoor area for this fun and lively activity, please get in touch with Phoebe. They are operating independently of the Art Center.

Take time to enjoy the artist photography of Laurel Van Aken, re: this week’s Scoop’s picture. Laurel seems to be in the right spot at the right time for superb pictures of our area. Thanks Laurel and keep them coming.

Linda Cross and Gerald Jaeger spent the weekend in Massachusetts to attend the wedding reception for Gerald’s son Gary and bride Sherry. The actual wedding had previously taken place in North Carolina and this reception was for family and friends in this area. Congratulations to the newlyweds. Linda and Gerald experienced some car trouble but that problem has been resolved and they are now happily home although exhausted. Linda, did I hear the popping of a wine cork?

Take a look at the former Barlow home on Route 23 to Ashland. The board fence has been removed and new decorative siding has been installed. Very nice and attractive.

Get well wishes go out to Shawn Cornell, Mike Traver, Gerald Jaeger and Janet Brainerd. Notice Janet timed her upset so she could have her name mentioned with the men? Clever Janet and she is doing fine and is back in good health and looking forward to the upcoming tractor pull in Ashland. In the meantime she is cheering for or swearing at the Yankees and/or the Mets.

Ken Smith of Windham called with a donation of candy for the hospitalized veterans at Stratton VAMC. Ken put the word out and a friend of his stepped forward. Ken is a recipient of the Purple Heart earned while serving in the Korean War. Then friends Lou and Fritzie Schmidt of Hunter called with a donation of material to be used for gift bags for the veterans at the VA during our Christmas Celebration. Amelia Osborn of Lexington and Ann Oliver of Prattsville completed many afghans for the veterans and dropped them off for future delivery. Thank you one and all for not forgetting our veterans.

Not quite sure how old Ken Smith said he was but he plays in golf foursomes and the day we saw him it was into the 90’s, and he was on his way to play golf with his buddies. Don’t believe any of them are spring chickens. Good for them. Must be the mountain air.

Marianne Krauss and Ginny Gurley attended the American Legion Auxiliary 3rd District Fall Conference in Kingston on Tuesday with a total of 73 attending. Volunteers and their hours are diligently recorded and for the National Auxiliary’s annual calendar a total of 7 million volunteer hours were recorded to help our veterans and veterans’ families. And yes, all our area supporters and donors are included in that figure. Thank you. FYI: There is a shelter in Saratoga County that is strictly for homeless female veterans and can always use our assistance. Our veterans in need know no gender.

Lots of hunters around over the weekend. They are here for early bear season. Seeing the havoc they are causing in the field corn, sure the farmers hope they take their quota.

Christina Gurley and son Tanner were visitors to Prattsville on Sunday. They visited with parents and grandparents. Christina is now taking courses in nursing in addition to being a mom and working full time so she is a very busy young lady. She celebrated her birthday on the 12th.

Know a local sharpshooter (BBs) who has taken quite a few (50ish) chipmunks out of their and her misery. They just get bolder and bolder and wait until you are 3 feet from them before they take flight. She can come here any time and rid the place of the vermin — yes, those chipmunks are rodents and are destructive in the numbers they total this year. Bah Humbug.

It was girls’ night out at the Prattsville Tavern Wednesday evening. Cathy Brainerd Martino, Nancy Orr, Marianne Krauss and Ginny Gurley met for supper and some wine. Not much of a night out when the combined ages totaled well over 250 years. Sorry ladies.

Happy Birthday to Dylan Braswell on Sept. 15. On Sept. 17 we wish Sue Huggins a very Happy Birthday (take her out to dinner Alan). Jessica Schmiedel and Tim Mudge are sent Happy Birthday wishes on Sept. 18. Happy Birthday wishes to Claudia Bracaliello, Ann O’Hara Gurecki and Tony Bifolco on Sept. 19. You’re in good company Tony. Happy Birthday to Steve Voorhees Jr. on Sept. 20.

Happy Anniversary wishes are sent to Bonnie and Lester Chase on Sept. 16. Lila and Dan Rikard are wished Happy Anniversary of Sept. 21.

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