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The Prattsville Scoop: Neighborliness and friendship to combat the violence and hate

August 7, 2019 11:39 am Updated: August 7, 2019 11:49 am


PRATTSVILLE — Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Americans in Texas and Ohio. No more violence and hate!

Lacy Cornell, daughter of Kendra and Don Cornell, who works in a surgeon’s office in Albany, said we should be glad we live in the Catskill Mountains. The temperature in the city of Albany runs about 10 degrees higher than ours. With the 90-degree weather here, you can just imagine what it was like in Albany.

Fun time in Prattsville over the weekend. Zadock Pratt Museum and American Legion Post 1327 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1327, Prattsville, held a sidewalk sale on Saturday and Sunday. They were not unhappy with the results and the friendliness and conversations with neighbors and visitors were the bonus. Plus, Nancy Barton’s musical event was enjoyed throughout the weekend.

Then there were the bicyclists on Saturday — must have been hundreds of them. A group of at least 20+ missed the right-hand turn onto Washington Street to Route 10. Ever the helpful citizen, Crystal Cornell jumped in her car and headed towards Grand Gorge. She tracked down the errant cyclists to the Hitching Post in Grand Gorge.

After alerting them to the error of their “ways,” she got them back on track and followed them in slow speed to keep the other motorists a safe distance behind. She said there was a lot of horn blowing and angry words but the safety of the bicyclists was more important than angry motorists. Good for you Crystal. Once back in Prattsville, they continued on their way.

A lot of the vendors and clientele, Harvey Truesdell, had lunch at Abby Tompkins’ hot dog stand. Parents Kristin and Chris stopped in to make sure Abby was handling the trade. Kristin paid a visit to some of the “older” ladies at the sale. Chris was busy making trips to Windham and wherever to make everyone aware of the hot tub raffle sponsored by the America Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 by circulating raffle tickets. Good deal — check in with any Legionnaire to purchase your raffle ticket and support the American Legion’s worthy causes for veterans and youth.

Met a number of residents of The Mews. It was a nice surprise to know that one of the residents is Arita Jaeger, one-time resident of our mountaintop towns. She had lived in Florida for a number of years but after the death of her husband is now in her home territory. New acquaintance Maggie Green is a talented lady. Any type of material you can give her will be turned into a work of art.

Sylvia Truesdell, one-time resident of Prattsville, and companion Dave were at the VA on Monday. Sylvia said she still misses the hometown feeling of Prattsville and tries to keep up with the news via telephone conversations. She calls to see what is going on so she can come and take part in the events.

The American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 and American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327, Prattsville, continue to support fellow veterans hospitalized at Stratton VAMC. A delivery of afghans, personal items, clothing, candy and food items totaling $2,934 was made on July 29 by Bob and Ginny Gurley. Jim Keller, Chief, Voluntary Service, said “…..Thank you for supporting our mission to ‘Care for Veterans with Compassion and Excellence.’” Thank you to all who helped in so many different ways to let our veterans know they are not forgotten and, more importantly, are appreciated.

Happy birthday to Skylar Blain on Aug. 10. On Aug. 11 we wish Eric Lane a happy birthday. Hey, Beth Ballard, happy birthday to you on Aug. 14. Mary Mundy is wished a happy birthday on Aug. 15. On Aug. 16 we wish Brett Olsen a happy birthday.