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The Prattsville Scoop: Good ol’ boys of the mountaintop are on the mend

Laurel Van Aken snapped this picture of the newly opened bridge for one lane only at the west side of Prattsville, Route 23.
October 10, 2018 12:17 pm Updated: October 10, 2018 12:37 pm


PRATTSVILLE — Been out of the loop for a week, so news is still a bit light, but will bring you whatever news is available.

Now is the time to remind all of you to get your news to me at or or call 518-299-3219. Thanks.

Well, the Prattsville bridge is now open, albeit one lane. Any progress is progress.

The good ole boys of the mountaintop are on the mend. Billy Mead and Clarence Soule, of Jewett, are on the road to recovery.

Clarence got an A-1 rating and Billy is not far behind. Clarence got his good news at Albany Med while under the love and care of daughter, Jessica.

Billy should not try to just toughen things out. Bob Gurley is home and is meeting all health goals. With three nurses in the family, Bob is well taken care of.

Chuckie Brainerd, of Conesville, is also feeling better. As with many of us, medication adjustments do a lot to correct a condition. Good health, gentlemen.

In speaking with Tim Brand, he said his late brother, Gary, will be interred in Arlington Cemetery as befits an American hero. The ceremony will take place at a later date.

Gary earned his Air Force rank through hard work and dedication. Our thanks are for his loyalty and with his family. Wish we had more citizens of his character.

Many did the tour of the autumn activities in our area during the past weekend. They took in OktoberFest at Hunter Mountain and Windham’s Autumn Affair on Saturday and that made for a very busy day. By all accounts, the area was busy, busy, busy.

Congratulations to Nadine Gurley and Isaac Huntsman on their recent engagement.

Ron and Freda Fancher hosted their annual Shoot Out and Picnic at their Camp Titanic in Conesville on Sunday. This was the 51st year for this great outing. Ron’s brother and sister-in-law, the late Stan and Hilda, were sorely missed.

Our prayers are with the victims and their families of the horrific crash in Schoharie on Saturday.

Will do a little catch up with birthdays and anniversaries.

The Greene County American Legion monthly meeting will be held in Prattsville at the Prattsville Hotel at 7 p.m. Oct. 19. Legionnaires of Virgil E. Deyo Post No. 1327, Prattsville, please plan on attending. Thank you.

Happy birthday to Samantha Baker on Oct. 9. On Oct. 10, happy birthday to Brian Young. Billy Decker, of Lexington, is wished a happy birthday Oct. 11.

Way out there in Oregon, we wish our own Judy Chatfield a very happy birthday Oct. 12. Also on Oct. 12, we wish Holly Dibble, granddaughter of Ken and Karen Aurigema, a happy birthday. On Oct. 14, we wish Cathy Brainerd Martino and Fritzie Schmidt a very happy birthday. Also on Oct. 14 we wish twins Connie Brainerd Constable and Becky Brainerd Benson a great happy birthday. On Oct. 19, we wish McKenzie Constable, daughter of Connie and Michael Constable, a very happy birthday.

Sorry for the delay with some of you, but now everyone knows you are a year older. Enjoy.