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The Prattsville Scoop: Fresh vegetables coming; welcome home party

Gurley’s annual 4th of July Family Picnic/Reunion in Prattsville at Bob Gurley Jr.’s home.
July 11, 2018 11:36 am Updated: July 11, 2018 11:56 am


PRATTSVILLE — The heat has somewhat abated and it sure makes it easier to get work done during the day and get some sleep during the night. And the gardens have finally started producing.

RSK FARMS will be opening this weekend, July 13, and we can take advantage of buying locally grown produce. What that is we know how and where these vegetables are grown. Looking forward to being able to buy vegetables in five minutes travel time. Good luck RSK and staff.

Have you ever heard of a bear not wanting to watch soccer? Marianne and Johannes were watching the World Cup playoffs and a bear wandered on their deck and looked in the window to check out the game. Either he wasn’t interested at all or didn’t like how the game was going. A few years ago we were reminded by ENCON to never leave food on counters or tables in view of a window because bears will break the glass to get the food. To them RSVP is not an option.

Anita Creazzo needs our get well wishes and prayers for a complete recovery. One ailment is taken care of and then another arises. Do take care Anita.

On Friday, July 6, 23 members of the Gurley family gathered at the home of Bob and Ginny Gurley to do a welcome home party to members from Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, Rochester, the Cooperstown area and Freehold. A hike to the top of Pratt Rock was part of the day’s activity, followed the next day by a walk at Mine Kill State Park. A late birthday cake was presented to the matriarch and all enjoyed the hummingbird cake. And then for old time sake, they visited the Prattsville Tavern (once owned by the Gurleys) to introduce some newbies. Bob Gurley Jr. staged his annual 4th of July party the next day on Saturday, July 7. Approximately 45 people, including those from the areas mentioned above and local friends and family, attended the afternoon and late evening festivities.

Javin Traver’s graduation from high school was also recognized at this time with his mom Jen, sister Jana, grandmother Jane and Uncle Jim and cousins helping him celebrate. He will go on to college in the fall.

Sandy Traver traveled to the Malta area to attend the birthdays of two granddaughters. She still took time to deliver donated bakery items from Bread Alone to her Church. Thanks Sandy.

Get well wishes go out to David Lane, son of John and Jane Lane, who was rushed to the hospital on Saturday with a suspected case of Lyme Disease. Keep this young gentleman in your thoughts and prayers. Grandmother Connie Lane and Aunt Joanne Lane visited him on Sunday. At this time he is vastly improved and may even be at home.

Get well wishes go out to Tony Marsh who is recovering from surgery on his back — not bone related. So when you see him and give him a hug, just make sure it is not a bear hug.

Laurel Van Aken was in Albany recently and she took along her mom Eva and dad Don Irwin for company. After taking care of the business that took them to Albany, the family ended the day with a lovely dinner at DelMonico’s. Laurel said the day was all you could want it to be, but the very long trip home was another matter. Don? Enough said!

Diane Cammer Eklund said her mom Evelyn, who is in rehab at Robinson Terrace, is doing really well in adapting to her surroundings. It seems Evelyn enjoys the opportunity to interact with all the others who are also undergoing rehab. Loves the ability to just strike up conversations with the others.

On July 14 we can wish Bill McCullar a very Happy Birthday. We send Happy Birthday wishes to Lester Chase on July 15. A very Happy Birthday to Ann Oliver on July 16. Quite a list for July 17 birthdays — Happy Birthday to Chrissie Thorington, Brianna Cross, Gerald Jaeger, and Karen Aurigema. Arnold Jaeger is wished a very Happy Birthday on July 20. John Baker and Kaitlyn Cross are sent Happy Birthday wishes on July 21.

Happy Anniversary to Eric and Jennifer Lane on July 16. On July 20 we send Happy Anniversary wishes to Lisa and Eddie Zimmerman.

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