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The Prattsville Scoop: Fourth of July celebrated with reunion

The annual 4th of July Gurley Reunion/Picnic.
July 10, 2019 11:38 am Updated: July 10, 2019 11:46 am


PRATTSVILLE — Hope all had a great and happy and appreciative July 4 with family and friends.

The heat restricted many of the activities that usually go along with July 4 picnics. The weather really didn’t prevent people from being on the move — Prattsville was packed and lively over the holiday and weekend.

Sandy and Benny Benjamin were in town Saturday for the Gurley family picnic. Benny, a horse lover all his life, is the caregiver for their two granddaughters’ horse, Diamond. Payton and Evangeline take part in the local horse shows, including the one on Sunday, with Benny and Sandy accompanying the girls. In the past they have brought home some blue ribbons. Benny and Sandy are just as much the doting owners as are the girls.

Kipp, Michael, Shane, and Kory O’Hara and Dylan Braswell had quite the experience on the water Saturday. Seems they got out on the water and had engine failure and ended up with only one oar. Next there was a barge approaching them and it was paddle with one ore or jump overboard to get away from a possible collision. But they managed to remain in the boat and got out of the way of the barge and made it back to shore.

Tom and Ursula Gurley Lindley with son Jacob, daughter Katie and friend Mark made the trip from Indiana for the Gurley reunion. Rick and Nancy Gurley Hodge with son Cody and friend Samantha from Pittsford (near Rochester) and daughter Taylor and friend Zack from NYC, were here for the family reunion. Peter and Marcia Gurley Tocci with daughters Lynne Pohler and Brittany Pryun and her son Lukas, from New Jersey also attended the reunion. Local Gurleys were Bob Jr. and Jen, Rob, Christina and son Tanner, Nadine and fiancé Isaac, Devon and Rose, Adrianna and Arabella. The three young cousins were able to mingle for the first time and it was special. They must have made a good impression on each other — no crying or misbehaving — GREAT! Tanner referred to cousin Lukas as his “little brother.” Cousins Shelly and Elliott Brainard and Pat and Schuyler Minew and Stephanie and Dylan Braswell also joined the group. The younger O’Hara family and Matt Cangelosi also stopped by.

RSK Farms will be open for business this Friday. Enjoy fresh Prattsville produce. They also manage to get in the best New Jersey peaches as soon as they are available.

You can take part in the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion at The Elks Club, 45 North Jefferson Ave., Catskill, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. July 13, sponsored by the Catskill American Legion Honeyford Memorial Post 110. Free admission, hot dogs, hamburgers and music. Military items, antique cars and motorcycles will be on exhibit. Many of the programs that all veterans are entitled to today were presented to and fought for at the federal government level by the American Legion.

The annual Brainard/Gurley yard sale will be held July 20 and 21. Support Veterans benefit tables and items.

Thank you to the late Donald Irwin of Prattsville, another unsung hero of the Korean War. His loyalty to his country and fellow comrades were solidified during that tour of duty. Don went on to serve during the Vietnam War, making a career of the military. His widow Eva lives in Prattsville and we would like her to accept this thank you to Don.

Happy Birthday to Karly Sutton on July 13. Wish Bill McCullar at Jim’s a Happy Birthday on July 14. July 15 it is Happy Birthday wishes to Lester Chase. Ann Oliver is wished a Happy Birthday on July 16. On July 17 it is Happy Birthday to Chrissie Thorington, Brianna Cross, Gerald Jaeger and Karen Aurigema.