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The Prattsville Scoop: Congratulations, and thank you for your service, Cameron Boyer

January 10, 2018 11:47 am Updated: January 10, 2018 12:09 pm

PRATTSVILLE — What a way to start the New Year — zero-degree weather.

Oh well, we are around to complain about it. Perhaps by the time you read this, it will be a little less frigid. Look at it this way, it will cut down on the tick population.

What is it with summer birds? Saw a robin Sunday morning at 8:30. He must have the same travel agent as that redwing blackbird spotted two weeks ago. No travel agent is needed for our American bald eagle. He was surveying his domain on Route 23A across from Elliott and Shelly Brainard’s home Sunday morning. Beautiful! The eagles just seem to know how striking they look and pose for the spectators.

As in the words of Dave Rikard “A new Prattsville business!” The opening of the Tubing Park on Bearpen will be Jan. 13. There will be free admission for the grand opening. Sounds like a good thing and we don’t have to leave our hometown to enjoy some winter sports.

Congratulations to Cameron Boyer, daughter of Heather Minew, of Leeds, and Brett Boyer, of Vermont, granddaughter of Schuyler and Pat Minew, of West Kill, upon her graduation from Basic Training at Parris Island in the United States Marine Corps on Jan. 5. She will be stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina, for four weeks before being sent out for duty on Airfield Support — her MOS.

Schuyler and Pat, and her Dad, Brett, and her paternal grandparents of Athens made it to her graduation just in front of the storms. Mom Heather ran headlong into winter weather and missed this momentous event due to flights being canceled. Heather has Cameron home for a little while, feeding her homecooked meals (cream pies, fettucine alfredo) until Cameron leaves for her tour of duty. Cameron comes from a patriotic military family — grandfather Schuyler (Vietnam), mom Heather (Desert Storm) and great-great grandfather Lee Delmar (WWI France) all served in the military during times of combat.

Quite a legacy, and we are thankful for their service. We are all proud of Cameron and send her our thanks for her service.

Sunday was a bittersweet time for the congregation of the Reformed Church of Prattsville. The reverends Town were present for their last Church Service and will soon be at their new assignment in New Paltz. They were an asset to Prattsville, quietly going about their chosen work and being active members of our community and school. Godspeed Becky and Greg and children. New Paltz is not that far away so you can remain in contact.

Heard Connie Lane had a cooking emergency. She ran out of cooking gas. It seems she had not had delivery in about two years. Either she has a really efficient range or she doesn’t do a lot of cooking. Haven’t heard any complaints from husband, Donnie, so it must have been just a delivery oversight. But for two years?

Get-well wishes go out to Jerry Raeder. Jerry had been hospitalized for 11 days at Bassett having all his ailments addressed. Daughter Bonnie and wife Phyllis brought him home Jan. 5. Nadine Gurley was on his medical team at the hospital. Phyllis has had to assume the duties of stoking up the wood stove and Jerry said she is doing a good job. Watch out, Phyllis, that could turn into a permanent job. Grandson Reese and Bonnie and Lester are watching over them so they are in good hands.

Get-well wishes go out to Ronnie and Mary Cline. It seems this couple trade off their healthy days. When one is sick, the other is well enough to play nurse. Ronnie had some breathing problems and spent three days in the hospital. In the meantime, Mary is suffering with flulike symptoms. Some of their children were here to help them get through this latest health scare. Speedy recovery, Mary and Ronnie.

If you want to cheer on some veterans in the Adaptive Sports program, stop by Ski Windham on Jan. 17 at 9:45 a.m. The American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post No. 1327 and the American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327, Prattsville, will be sponsoring the group from the Stratton VAMC, Albany, under the guidance of Michele Ferrauilo, Recreational/Therapy Dept. at the VA. Michele said this year there will be a larger number than in past years and it would be nice to have a number of greeters to welcome this group of heroes. All you have to do is welcome them with a smile and hugs and say “Thank you for your service.”

Gene and Debbie Brainerd stopped by for a Sunday afternoon chat with Bob and Ginny Gurley. Guess Gene got the hint he should stop by with that 1947 Greene County Firemen’s Convention booklet for Abby to look through. What fun renewing the familiarity of names and businesses no longer in our community. It was daunting to know some of the names and attending events and family connections Gene had no inkling of — he is too young.

In a continuance of this, Debbie Carman Colliton, will you give Abby a call at 518-299-3219? Need some identification and background information on Carman Trucking when it was based in Prattsville. Have some pictures you might enjoy seeing.

Dana Hommel and Cathy Brainerd Martino brought bread from Bread Alone to be shared in our area through our local churches. It was much appreciated and we know some families on a tight budget with youngsters who will greatly appreciate this treat. Thank you, Cathy and Dana.

Randy Brainerd had to thaw some frozen pipes over the weekend. He said more time was needed securing the necessary equipment — the appropriate heater and fuel — than it was to thaw the pipes. But everything was brought back to working condition and any possible problem was eliminated.

Thank you, Tom Dignam, for suppling all the Christmas material for next year’s gift bags for the VA Christmas Celebration. It is a homage to his late wife, Betty, who started sewing and donating the gift bags to the program. Betty was disgusted with the way the glue dried out and the paper gift bags fell apart at the most inopportune time — when the gifts were being presented. Tom gets his daughter, Ronnie, involved in their annual trip to Joann’s and we send thanks to Ronnie also. Betty would be proud of you.

Roxie and Jim King were in town as a stopover on their way to the Syracuse area. There was a death in Jim’s family and they were on their way to the funeral. They were then making a southerly loop to visit Roxie’s sister, Linda Neice. Linda’s husband, Chet, died a few months ago and she is struggling with loneliness. Perhaps, if someone has her address and wants to share, we can get some notes of encouragement to Linda.

Dylan Braswell broke his finger while snowmobiling. Actually, it was a non-moving accident. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Boo-hoo. Dylan, will some dill pickles soothe the pain?

Has Valerie Rikard Brainerd gone back to work at Hunter Mountain? Saw husband Richie wandering around alone Sunday morning looking kind of lost. There is only one reason for a lost husband.

Happy birthday to Brian Dibble — in-law of the Aurigemas — on Jan. 14. Michael O’Hara Sr. is wished a very happy birthday Jan. 17. Derek Briggs is wished a happy birthday Jan. 18.

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