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The Prattsville Scoop: Busy summer winding down

September 18, 2019 09:34 am Updated: September 18, 2019 09:46 am


PRATTSVILLE — Some congratulatory news for Gerald Jaeger. Gerald Jaeger, 79, wins the Senior Christman’s Cup of Six Rounds of Golf. If memory serves me, think Gerald has been a winner of various golf tournaments. We send Gerald good wishes for everything in his life.

More worthy news. Six cousins, representing six generations, of the Soule Clan got together to repair the fallen tombstone of Harrison and Minnie Powell Soule at the Little West Kill Cemetery near Bear Pen Mountain. They are Stanley III, Stanley II, John Giordano, Clippy, Mike, Clarence the Elder Soule and friend Dave McGowan. A new base was put in and the fallen monument was set back on it. The Soules are descendants of Pilgrim George Soule of Plymouth, Mass.

Patty and Schuyler Minew had house guests for three days last week. Patty’s sister Peggy and husband Ken from Maine stopped by for some sisterly bonding. Peggy and Ken had been to Ohio to visit Ken’s family made sure they visited Patty and Schuyler. Patty, Peggy and Ken enjoyed lunch at Windham Diner on Thursday. The Maine visitors left for home on Friday.

Jim and Roxie King in recognition of their 50th anniversary journeyed to Prince Edward Island. And yes you guessed right, they had to withstand the onslaught of Dorian. Jim just shook his head but Roxie said she never wanted to go through anything like that again. The Kings spent their honeymoon on PEI and make the trip there every decade to celebrate the original trip. We will all have to be around to see their 60th anniversary trip.

Hasn’t this just been the busiest summer ever? And as we start fall there is the Zadock Pratt Museum Dinner on Sept. 28 at Villa Vosilla in Tannersville. Call 518-299-3395 or email for reservations. Before the evening, you can spend the day at the Northern Catskills Hunting and Wildlife Expo Inc. at the West Kill Community Hall. There will be a Chinese Auction, raffles and food. Proceeds to the benefit of Wounded Veterans to enjoy Turkey Hunting with all costs covered for them. For more information and participation, call Carol Herdman 518-291-7043, Mary Gail Sutton, 518-299-3102 or Amelia Osborn at 588-989-6408. Both these organizations are worthy of our support. Success to both these endeavors.

Feel better wishes go out to Pat Bifolco. Belated get well wishes go out to Veteran Ken Clark, thank you for your service. Return to good health sentiments to Fritzie Schmidt of Hunter. Tom Dignam has the sniffles. Is it possible for some one of his age to get the sniffles?

News from Jim’s Great American. There will be a change in the staff due to Tim’s, what we think is an early, retirement. Some years ago when an elderly lady had a flat tire on Main Street, Tim stepped up to do the appropriate and gentlemanly thing — he changed the tire. Two younger and larger men had said “No” to this request. Thanks again, Tim, and you will be missed. Our Ashleigh Jaeger with the great smile and hidden escapades (sorry Mom Darcy) is now at Gilboa School on the teaching staff.

Bob and Suzette Stuppert Donisan are home from their European trip. They visited Romania and Germany, the countries of origin of Bob and Suzette. Bob got to visit with his friend from 50 years ago and Suzette visited her father Phil’s cousin. Welcome home.

Happy Birthday to Cody and Brandon Brainerd and Jim Briggs on Sept. 22. Debbie Case Brainerd is wished Happy Birthday on Sept. 24. Big Happy Birthday greetings to Dan Dymond on Sept. 27. Happy Anniversary to Lila and Dan Rikard on Sept. 21. On Sept. 24 we send Happy Anniversary greetings to Ann and Hank Oliver and Mike and Connie Constable. Happy Anniversary wishes are sent to Becky and Wes Benson.