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The Prattsville Scoop: 100th anniversary of the American Legion and its Auxiliary

March 13, 2019 11:34 am Updated: March 13, 2019 11:46 am


PRATTSVILLE — March 2019 is the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary, the two largest veterans’ organizations in the world. Thank you, veterans, for your service. They are “Still Serving,” watching over their comrades in all their needs here on the “home front.”

Well we had a little respite in the weather and the little is stressed. But maybe by the time you read this, you will be enjoying some spring-like weather. Enjoyed the warmer weather with breakfast out at the Ashland Firehall Saturday morning. Great food and wonderful conversations.

“Free” noon concert, March 26 at Proctors Main Stage, 432 State St., Schenectady. Using Goldie the three manual Unit Orchestra/Theatre Organ. With Helen Maksymicz from Little Falls and Claudia Bracaliello from Pratt’s City.

By the way, Claudia’s ankle is finally healed. Dr. Lisella said she had done better than most. What he didn’t say was “most people your age,” and Claudia is thankful for that. She would recommend him to anyone needing ankle orthopedic work. Claudia has a crutch in the car and a cane at the ready by the door if she is concerned about ice. You know what they say, “Too soon old, and too late smart.” At least Claudia has learned something from this experience. Claudia looked very stylish in her red boots that were recommended by her doctor for added support. They were not advertised as walking boots but they do have a nice arch and so far have been working well for her. She hasn’t done any major long distance hikes but seem to be doing well. They could soon be tested at Conine Field’s walking track.

Her hubby Ray should be at home now, he returned on Monday a.m. as his plane got in near midnight on Sunday. Claudia thinks he is really looking forward to getting home and she will be welcoming him with open arms. In Ray’s absence, Claudia had lunch with Pastor Becky on Wednesday after attending her Ash Wednesday service in New Paltz. She looks and is wonderful. The Towns’ son Joseph is full of life. Becky served her a delicious turkey soup that Greg had made and thinks he could substitute for any chef if needed.

Drew (Andy Lutz) and wife Holly have a “new” dog, a rescue from Texas, who was very interested in the snow. She is a fairly good-sized Yellow Lab, who is deaf, but lovely. A lot of life there as well, even though she is older, possibly 7? Her name is Tila.

Sympathy to Janice Maben and family on the death of Bruce. He will be missed by his family and his wide range of friends in the community. He could be seen working at his Church’s community dinners and had a good word for everyone.

Did you know Jeff Schrier continues to ride his horse even in the coldest weather? Not calling into doubt his sanity but do question his choice of days to go riding. Regardless, Jeff is one of the good guys who goes far beyond generosity in support of our needy veterans.

Happy Birthday to Luke Maurer on March 16. On March 17 it is Happy Birthday to Daryl Smith, Jacob Lindley and Sandy Martin. March 18 we send Happy Birthday greetings to Kayleigh Wheeler. March 19 it is Happy Birthday to David Irwin Jr., Mary O’Hara and Kevnin Aurigema.

Happy Anniversary to Heidi and Erich Ruehlmann on March 18. Happy Anniversary to Anita and Al Creazzo on March 21.

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