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Pot found in food package sent to Tannersville

September 18, 2018 06:26 pm Updated: September 19, 2018 12:46 pm


TANNERSVILLE — State police and the U.S. Postal Service are trying to find out how a small amount of marijuana ended up in a Graze Box shipped to a Tannersville woman, officials said.

The package originated in New Jersey and contained approximately 9 grams of marijuana, state police Senior Investigator Pete Kusminsky said Tuesday. The package may have been tampered with while it was in transit, Kusminsky said.

Jeanine Mulholland’s 11-year-old son discovered the marijuana after she picked up the package from the Tannersville Post Office on Saturday.

The package was from Graze, a company that delivers personalized snack boxes to subscribers.

“I was a bit shocked — he was, too,” Mulholland said of her son. “He has drug education in school.”

Mulholland contacted state police Sunday morning to inform them about the discovery and sent an email to Graze, she said.

"We apologize sincerely to Jeanine and her family and we have investigated the issue as a matter of urgency," according to a statement from Graze. "We take video footage of each box that is packed and are confident that the box was not tampered with before leaving our New Jersey warehouse."

Mulholland regularly orders from Graze and receives deliveries from the company twice each month. She hopes the tampering wasn’t done on the company’s end.

“I don’t like people tampering with the mail — especially if it’s my food delivery,” she said. “I just wanted to get rid of it.”

The marijuana will be held until state police track down a suspect, Kusminsky said.

“If there’s charges, it [the marijuana] will be retained as evidence,” he said.

Mulholland is not facing charges.

“We have no information indicating she was involved with it,” Kusminsky added.

The investigation could take days before state police determine who was responsible for tampering with the package, Kusminsky said.

The U.S. Postal Service is also investigating to track the package’s route from New Jersey to Tannersville, New York Division spokeswoman Donna Harris said.

“We’re trying to obtain the package and see if it’s anything we delivered,” Harris said. “We have not seen this package, so we don’t even know if it’s from the Postal Service.”

The Postal Service has a robust process to keep drugs out of mail or packages it delivers, Harris said.

“We’re always alert to these things,” she said. “We’re always making certain that the mail is safe.”

Graze customers create an account and the company makes a personalized box of snacks delivered to the customer’s home, according to Graze’s website. Graze was founded in 2007 in the United Kingdom and opened an American headquarters in New York City in 2013.

Food delivery services such as Graze and Blue Apron are rising in popularity, but this incident is making Mulholland more cautious about ordering food online and having it mailed to her, she said.

Mulholland offered a piece of advice to anyone facing a similar situation.

“Have the parents open packages,” she said. “I’m a little cautious.”

*Editor's note: This story reflects a change with an added statement from Graze.