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Poll: Faso has 5-point lead on Delgado

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    Antonio Delgado
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    John Faso
September 5, 2018 10:07 pm

U.S. Rep. John Faso, R-19, is five points ahead of Democratic challenger Antonio Delgado and has a stronger lead in the Twin Counties, according to a recent Siena College Research Institute poll.

Faso leads Delgado 45-40 percent among potential voters in the 19th Congressional District, according to a new Spectrum News/Siena College poll released Aug. 30. The 19th District is comprised of Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster counties, and parts of Broome, Dutchess, Montgomery and Rensselaer counties.

Faso is further ahead in Columbia, Greene and surrounding counties, with an overall lead on Delgado of 53-36 percent, according to the poll.

In Columbia, Greene, Montgomery, Schoharie and Rensselaer counties, the incumbent congressman is ahead of Delgado by 17 points. The five counties combined encompass 212,609 active registered voters as of Jan. 1, including 65,204 active Democratic voters, 64,839 active Republican voters, 7,219 active Conservative voters and 1,538 active Working Families voters, according to enrollment data from the state Board of Elections.

“After Democratic candidates collectively spent over $8 million dollars in their primary falsely smearing Congressman Faso, we are very pleased with our lead in this race,” Faso’s Campaign Manager Tom Szymanski said in a statement. “It is obvious that, despite the false narrative being painted by Nancy Pelosi and Washington, D.C. Democrats, Congressman Faso is well-positioned to win this November.”

Faso held a closer lead in September 2016 against Democratic challenger Zephyr Teachout. Teachout is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for attorney general this November.

The Siena research Institute and Time Warner Cable News released a poll Sept. 27, 2016, that showed Faso leading Teachout by one point districtwide: 43 to 42 percent. Faso also carried the area surrounding the Twin Counties at that time, 52 to 33 percent.

Ultimately, Faso won the district by a 166,171 to 141,224 vote, according to 2016 election results from the state Board of Elections.

Delgado is polling ahead in Dutchess County, where he calls Rhinebeck home, and in Ulster County — a Democratic stronghold, according to the poll. Delgado took the majority of votes in Dutchess County in the June 26 primary — a county with 177,631 active registered voters, including 62,447 Democratic voters and 52,310 Republican voters.

Ulster County has 133,963 active registered voters, including 43,203 Democratic voters and 28,044 Republican voters, according to the state Board of Elections.

“Great to learn that 10 weeks from Election Day, the incumbent here has only been able to secure a minor five-point lead in a poll with a margin of error of 4.8 percent,” Delgado said in a statement. “I am not surprised by these results, as I hear all across our district from people who feel John Faso does not represent them — especially on health care.

“Faso voted in favor of gutting protections for people here with pre-existing conditions, cruelly stripping away funding for Medicaid and increasing out-of-pocket costs. That’s not something folks forget.”

Delgado carries 81 percent of Democratic votes while Faso carries the vote of most Republicans in the district at 76 percent.

Faso has a negative 37 to 38 percent favorability rating districtwide, compared to a 34 to 22 percent favorability rating for Delgado, according to the Siena/Spectrum News poll. Both candidates have a positive favorability ratings in the area surrounding the Twin Counties, with Faso carrying a rating of 50 to 33 percent and Delgado’s at 35 to 28 percent.

Rep. Faso promised people to their face in town hall meetings that he would protect their health care and lied. He is clearly aligned with his billionaire backers. They are on public record: the hedge fund owners of the Mercer family who worked to manipulate the last election and collude with Russia, and Bruce Kovner, another Fifth Avenue billionaire hedge fund owner. Meanwhile Greene County is one of the poorest in NY State being served by Faso who serves Billionaires, not taxpayers here in his own district.