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A political junkie’s choice for NY 19

June 15, 2018 05:56 pm

To the editor:

As a political junkie I’ve gone to six NY19 Democratic candidate forums to decide on who will get my vote for Congress. All of our Democratic candidates are capable, bright and progressive and any of them would do more for our district and the country than the Republican incumbent, so making a choice was truly a challenge. After weighing all the factors I decided to support Brian Flynn.

I’m truly impressed by Brian’s fresh, concrete, creative ideas and solutions for NY19 - on infrastructure, clean energy, criminal justice reform, job training, etc. - and how well he knows the district. He has a long family history in Greene County, where he lives. Brian is a doer - the kind of person who sees a problem and does something about it. He worked on Medicare for All since 2004, founded the NY chapter of Environmental Entrepreneurs, and has walked the halls of Congress to get legislation passed.

Brian Flynn is a proven job creator who has run, created and grown businesses. He’s a member and strong supporter of labor unions and is dedicated to moving the Democratic Party back to its roots: American workers.

I’ve found Brian to be a great listener — open to ideas and concerns of voters — smart, dynamic, personable, good-humored, and funny.

A lot is at stake in this election and in the country. We need a clear, strong winner in the June 26 Democratic primary, someone who can stand up to Faso and win the general election in November. Brian Flynn is that person; he gets my vote and I hope yours as well.

Judith Simon