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Photography RegionaL 41

April 3, 2019 09:23 am

Collar Works March 29 – April 27, 2019

Hannah Alsdorf, Kieran Barber, Justin Baker, Coby Berger, Robert Coppola, Chris DeMarco, William Gill, George Guarino, Monica Hamilton, Christopher Herrera, Natasha Holmes, Scott Keidong, Jeff Lansing, Hillary Raimo, Theresa Swidorski

Curated by Kathleen Vance + Daniel Ayecock, Front Room Gallery, NYC

Opening Reception: Friday, March 29 // 5-8pm

I bought a camera, though there were

many reasons not to.

In spite of the reasons not to

(because of the reasons not to),

I bought a camera.

I Bought A Camera // Cynthia Nadelman

The bravery and disillusionment represented in Cynthia Nadelman’s poem I Bought A Camera underscores perfectly the artistic dilemma of the contemporary photographer. The many reasons to and the many reasons not to are omnipresent in all aspects of modern photographic practices. Why make more pictures of things? How do you make pictures of things? Of the billions of images made each day, why would you choose to show that one? These are some of the many questions or reasons that Cynthia Nadelman wrote of in addressing the role of the photographer. In debt to these questions of photography, Collar Works hopes to present answers and find many reasons to buy a camera.

The 41st Photography Regional aims to showcase talented emerging and underrepresented artists of all ages, working within photographic mediums. The works selected represent traditional to alternative methods of photography and a range of subject matter and topics.

This exhibition is guest curated by Kathleen Vance and Daniel Aycock, Directors of Front Room Gallery NYC. Front Room Gallery, located in the Lower East Side NYC, is a contemporary gallery that focuses its strength in photography, with a balance of painting and installation.

Above Image: Jeff Lansing, Albany Warehouse District 2