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Pavilion sidewalk to get makeover in New Lebanon

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    The Weisbuch Pavilion in Shatford Park behind New Lebanon Town Hall.
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    The Weisbuch Pavilion in Shatford Park behind New Lebanon Town Hall.
September 12, 2018 11:37 am

NEW LEBANON — The town board will choose a bid for a project to improve the sidewalk and apron for the Weisbuch Pavilion, which will help make the town hub more accessible to people with disabilities, officials said.

Board members will choose from bids for the project to replace the sidewalk and apron of the pavilion at a special meeting Sept. 25.

The work is long overdue, Town Supervisor Colleen Teal said.

“We’ve been working on a lot of property maintenance that has been needed for a long time,” Teal said. “This has been discussed for about a year. There are safety issues. The sidewalk is made up of separate pieces that have sunk into the ground over the years; and the apron is muddy and hard for people to walk across.”

This summer, the town also replaced the maintenance shed in Shatford Park where the pavilion is located, behind town hall, 14755 Route 22.

The town was waiting until the end of the summer season, when events at the pavilion slow down to start the work.

“The space is well-used during the summer,” Teal said. “We have no rentals in October, so we will close it down two weeks early.”

Time is of the essence, the supervisor said, because it will be well into the fall season by the time work begins — when temperatures start to cool down and conditions become less conducive to laying concrete.

“Hopefully there is enough wiggle room and the weather is good enough to get the project done,” Teal said. “We do not like to do things in special meetings, but in the interest of a short amount of time, we are moving fast.”

The town put out a notice Sept. 6 requesting bids for the project and announced the Sept. 25 special meeting at the same time. Board members announced the special meeting at its regular meeting Tuesday.

Bids for the project are due Sept. 21, and the project will start Oct. 1 and is expected to be completed by Nov. 15, according to the notice.

Chosen bidders will remove the existing sidewalks and apron at the Weisbuch Pavilion, construct new portland cement concrete sidewalks and apron at the pavilion and perform finish grading, topsoil and seeding.

The town did not set a maximum bid amount, but reserves the right to refuse any bid, said Town Board Member Kevin Smith.

Town officials are also considering updating the park’s bathrooms next year to also make them compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, he added.

“We are waiting to see how much the bids are,” Smith said. “We were going to try to use volunteers because we try to do that when we can, but we need this to be done professionally — especially to make the pavilion [Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant].

“We’re getting so far into the fall, the earlier we get this done, the better.”