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Owner: Bakery reeling after burglaries

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    Winkle’s Bakery was closed for business Thursday due to a burglary, the owner said.
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    Sarah Trafton/Columbia-Greene Media Winkle’s Bakery was closed for business Thursday due to a burglary, the owner said.
August 22, 2019 05:29 pm Updated: August 22, 2019 07:21 pm

CATSKILL — A West Side business was closed Thursday because of a break-in, the owner said.

Winkle’s Bakery, located on West Bridge Street, showed no sign of life on Thursday. A sign on the door read, “Our shop was broken into last night. We will be closed for the day. We will reopen tomorrow at 8 a.m.”

Eric Delage has owned the business with his wife Michelle for two years.

“This is the first time anything like this has happened,” he said. “I’m still trying to process it.”

The burglar jimmied the back door and stole an iPad, Delage said.

“The iPad runs our point-of-sales system,” he said. “We need it to cash out customers.”

Delage said he expects that business on Friday will be cash-only because the owners have no way to process credit card payments.

The first sign of suspicious activity occurred on Friday night, Delage said.

“On Friday we had someone break in and take a few hundred in cash from our cash drawer,” he said.

There was no physical evidence of how the burglar got in the first time, Delage said.

After the second break-in, there was noticeable damage to the door frame around the rear entrance of the shop, Delage said.

“We added a deadbolt to it and are taking the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening again,” Delage said.

Catskill police tried to obtain fingerprints from the cash drawer after the first burglary but could not pull conclusive samples, Delage said.

Delage was unsure if the police will be increasing their surveillance of the area.

No spokesmen for the Catskill Police Department could be reached for comment about the burglaries Thursday.

Delage did not know of any other businesses being burglarized recently, he said. But one unusual incident occurred at a Main Street business, he added.

“Someone did steal a bluetooth speaker in front of Spike’s Record Store in broad daylight,” he said.

Because of the first incident, Delage recalls being on edge.

“We live a quarter mile up the road,” he said. “I was walking the dog around midnight and I stopped in [the shop] and grabbed a cupcake for a midnight snack. I checked that the door was locked tightly when I got there and when I left I checked it again.”

Delage’s efforts were in vain.

“Seven hours later my wife called me and told me the iPad was gone,” he said.

Robbing this bakery is like taking money from collection plates. So, Catskill, we too often misplace our basic morals. A $90 million jail, closing our jail for the behavior of our law enforcement, no real new money tech or industry here. No plan to reverse this. 38% public employment. A county business development dept. that had to close in March or loose all business development grants. More work is necessary. Sorry for the losses at your very fine bakery.