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News-Herald office moving down the road

June 29, 2017 04:44 pm

RAVENA — For decades, the offices of the Ravena News-Herald have been located at 164 Main St. in the village of Ravena. But effective July 1, the newspaper will be moving — but only a few doors down.

This weekend the offices of the Ravena News-Herald will be moving to 149 Main St., about a half block down Main Street and across the road. The new office was formerly the site of the law office of attorney George McHugh.

McHugh also owns both the old site where the News-Herald has been situated for many years, and the property where the new offices will be.

The move, according to News-Herald publisher Mark Vinciguerra, reflects the current business environment.

“Business is changing and we are making modifications to our operations to be more appropriate to our staffing levels,” Vinciguerra said.

The old office space was originally staffed by up to a dozen employees, and was one-stop shopping — it was the place where the newspaper was not only written and designed, but also printed. There was a massive printing press in the basement. At that time, the company, which was owned by the Bleezarde family for many years, also took in printing jobs.

In later years, however, the company was bought by a larger newspaper publishing chain and many of its services, including printing, were done elsewhere. Other departments like circulation, design and others, also operate out of other offices.

“We are now part of a much larger chain and more of our work is done at other locations,” Vinciguerra explained.

Those changes meant the office space at 164 Main St. had grown too large for the newspaper’s current configuration, and a smaller site was needed.

Maintaining a physical presence in the Ravena community, however, remained a critical component of the newspaper’s mission.

“The size of the current facility is not appropriate for our current needs, but we are committed to remaining in the community and maintaining our presence here in Ravena,” Vinciguerra said. “By signing a multiple year lease agreement, it ensures the community we are here to stay.”

Over the past few years, the newspaper has also committed to the community in other ways, and to expanding its reach.

Last year the Ravena News-Herald added a once-a-month page entitled the Bethlehem Banner, dedicated to coverage in that community, as it looks north for expansion opportunities while maintaining its coverage in its core markets of Ravena, Coeymans and New Baltimore.

Editorial additions have been made in recent years, such as the inclusion of a regular column penned by the Coeymans town supervisor, a dental care column, as well as a weekly sportsmen’s column for aficionados of hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports. Significant upgrades to the newspaper’s website were also implemented just this week with the launch of

“We are consistently reevaluating our coverage and we are always making modifications to what we do,” Vinciguerra said.

The new office, located at 149 Main St. in the village, will be open beginning July 3.