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New law restricts parking on Main Street

Liana Lekocevic/Columbia-Greene Media A large truck traveling down Main Street in Ravena, passing in front of the post office. Parking will soon be prohibited in front of the post office and other sections of Main Street so the road can be widened.
August 10, 2018 12:35 am

RAVENA — The Ravena Village Board last Tuesday unanimously adopted a local law prohibiting parking on certain sections of Main Street.

The law was adopted following a public hearing at the Ravena Village Municipal Building. It will go into effect Sept. 1.

The issue has been brewing for some time, with some areas of Main Street, particularly the section in front of the post office, cited as a potential safety hazard with relatively narrow traffic lanes along a curve, and a large amount of heavy truck traffic using the thoroughfare daily.

The change was made at the urging of the state because the timing to make such a change would meld with a major repaving project that is being done in the village and town. As part of that project, the road will be widened to better accommodate large trucks and other traffic on the road.

“We didn’t just wake up one day and say we wanted to change the parking,” Village Trustee Nancy Warner told the audience. “It’s 100 percent for safety reasons with the increased traffic on Main Street and the narrowness of part of the street. We are trying to make it so people don’t park where there is a good chance that there could be an accident.”

Four areas of Main Street are included in the new restrictions: between Harris and Van Hosen Avenues, between Pulver Avenue and Mountain Road, between Mountain Road and Liske Street to the Congregational Christian Church entrance, and Pulver Avenue running east for approximately 50 feet.

Those portions of Main Street will be designated no parking, no standing and no stopping, once the new law goes into effect.

Deputy Mayor Bill Bailey pointed out that to alleviate parking concerns at the busiest section — in front of the post office — the village recently purchased a plot of land that will be turned into a municipal parking lot, with easy access to the post office.

“We will basically move the parking off Main Street for the post office into this new parking lot that we purchased previously,” Bailey said.

While there are a couple of parking spots located in a small lot behind the post office, they pose a challenge of their own.

“I know that hill can be a challenge for people who are not in great shape,” Mayor Bill Misuraca said. “This will be a nice parking area and hopefully an incentive if someone wanted to purchase a store there with parking.”

One resident asked if trucks could be rerouted off Main Street and particularly away from the narrow curve near the post office. They frequently cross the yellow line, she said.

Village attorney Michael Biscone said that situation was the reason for the new law.

“That’s the whole purpose. They are going to widen the road, there will be no parking, so the trucks will be able to stay wholly and solely within their lane of travel, without crossing over the yellow line and causing a potential mishap to occur,” Biscone said.

Biscone said the narrow roads, coupled with the amount of large truck traffic that utilizes Main Street, caused the state to urge the change.

In addition to the trucks, the size of many cars — and SUVs — has also grown over the years, making the road even more hazardous.

“At this point, if you spend an hour there a day, you will see an inherent danger, between the growth of cars and these trucks that we never, ever had before,” Biscone said.

The new law was adopted by the Ravena Village Board unanimously, and will go into effect Sept. 1.