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New Baltimore highway superintendent resigns; department under investigation

June 12, 2018 11:22 pm Updated: June 12, 2018 11:25 pm

NEW BALTIMORE — Town officials say former Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan’s untimely resignation was voluntary while the state Comptroller’s Office is investigating complaints about misconduct in the department.

Jordan resigned from his post May 30. He held the position for about 20 years.

Town Supervisor Jeff Russo denied the town forced Jordan’s resignation.

“It is more like he retired,” Russo said Tuesday. “I talked to him about his resignation and he said it was time. He served the town for 20-something years and is 62 years old, but he did not put his reason for leaving in writing.

“No one was forced to resign,” Russo added.

The town has not appointed an interim highway superintendent. Jordan’s term expires Dec. 31, but voters will elect his replacement in November, Russo said.

“All I know is that he resigned,” Town Board Member Chuck Irving said Tuesday. “His resignation was brought before the board, and we accepted it.”

The town board accepted Jordan’s resignation at its May 14 meeting.

“The town is not investigating [Jordan],” Russo said. “If there are outside authorities investigating, I would not know about that.”

The state Comptroller’s Office is investigating complaints of possible misconduct within New Baltimore’s Highway Department, Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione said Tuesday.

“After receiving complaints, a determination was made that there should be an investigation,” Stanzione said. “The Town of New Baltimore runs operations fairly well. The investigation is looking into specific conduct in a limited area.”

The investigation is targeted at a number of items including misconduct and possible misappropriation of money, but Stanzione refused to disclose details.

“We need to wait until we complete a proper investigation,” Stanzione said. “We will announce when a determination is made, and if it is determined there was criminal activity, we will pursue it.”

The investigation has been delayed on the part of the state Comptroller’s Office, Stanzione said, but a determination should be made in the coming weeks.

“I am hoping to wrap this up soon,” Stanzione said. “This started a while back, but a determination should be made within the next couple of weeks.”