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New art space opens inaugural exhibit

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    Anthony Fiducia/Columbia-Greene Media A Mend: A Collection of Scraps from Local Seamstresses and Tailors by Aram Han Sifuentes
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    Anthony Fiducia/Columbia-Greene Media View from the Window at Work by Michael Mandiberg
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    Anthony Fiducia/Columbia-Greene Media Lick It by Frances Goodman
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    Anthony Fiducia/Columbia-Greene Media Men at Work by Noa Charuvi
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    Anthony Fiducia/Columbia-Greene Media Stuart Quimby and John Esposito Jazz Duo playing at the event.
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    Anthony Fiducia/Columbia-Greene Media Founder of Time Equities and owner of Love Apple Farm, Francis Greenburger, in front of Boss 2 by Andrea Arrubla.
July 3, 2017 12:30 am

GHENT — Love Apple Farm had its inaugural exhibition of its brand new art space this Sunday.

The exhibit displayed more than 15 artists’ creations in a late 1800s farmhouse located on the property of the apple orchard.

The art show consisted of contemporary paintings, photography, sculpture and video. The theme for the art gallery was based on a wide range of under-acknowledged forms of labor.

Guests gathered at the house and enjoyed food, wine, music and art.

The gallery is in partnership with Time Equities, Inc.’s Art-In-Buildings.

“I looked around, I even thought about building something — then I thought, I already have a place, why not do it here?” said Francis Greenburger, founder of Time Equities, Inc. and owner of Love Apple Farm. “I wanted to exercise my curatorial direction.

Greenburger also founded Omi International Arts Center, in Ghent. “I didn’t want to interfere with them — I wanted to look for another space,” Greenburger said. “I wanted to do something independently from them.”

Inside the house, the ground floor portion of the gallery featured art that represented occupational labor that serves a client. The upstairs portion of the gallery featured art that represented domestic labor that serves a family.

“We have this art gallery on a functioning apple orchard with a home,” said director and curator for Art-In-Buildings, Jennie Lamensdorf. “They’re intertwined [here].”

Art-In-Buildings strives to bring guests art in nontraditional exhibition spaces for an interesting environment.

“This is really great — it’s an honor to be in this show,” said Andrea Arrubula, one of the featured artists. “You really get a different perspective on labor.”

“It’s a wonderful event — it’s great that this space is here,” said Debra Priestly, another featured artist at the art show. “It’s an honor to be a part of the inaugural exhibition.”

“I think it’s awesome that this space is being used for a gallery,” said Larry Ossei-Mensah, of the Bronx. “It’s a space that the community can enjoy.”

The Love Apple Art Space is open May to October, Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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