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A magical egg hunt

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    Jordan J. Michael/Columbia-Greene Media Kids gather Easter eggs at the Livingston Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Saturday.
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    Jordan J. Michael/Columbia-Greene Media Simona Pollack works on arts and crafts with kids during the Easter egg hunt.
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    Jordan J. Michael/Columbia-Greene Media Jackie Reynolds presented a magic show for children during the event.
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    Jordan J. Michael/Columbia-Greene Media The festive entrance to Livingston Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Saturday.
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    Jordan J. Michael/Columbia-Greene Media Georgina, the Easter bunny.
April 1, 2018 12:15 am

LIVINGSTON — A horde of multicolored Easter eggs were spread out across the lawn at Livingston Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Saturday as kids ran around and snatched up the eggs into their baskets.

“I think I got about 20,” said Liam Brannen, a 4-year-old from Germantown. “I’m having a lot of fun.”

Turning nine years old next week, Kaleigh Brodowski, of Hudson, said the Easter bunny is “magical.” She was hoping to get 10 eggs in her basket on Saturday; she got only two at the last egg hunt she attended.

“Every Easter, we plant jelly beans in our garden and flower lollipops grow,” Kaleigh said. “We can eat them.”

There was more than just an egg hunt at Livingston Hills. In a packed room prior to the pursuit, attendees could get their faces painted, get an airbrushed tattoo, do arts and crafts, and watch a magic show.

“And free food,” Kaleigh added.

“There’s a lot for the kids to do here, which is nice,” said Jennifer Marchetto, Brodowski’s mother. “I usually work on Saturday’s, so I’m making up for that today.”

The magic show was performed by Jackie Reynolds, of Milan in Dutchess County. Reynolds said she has been a children’s entertainer for more than two decades.

A group of kids sat and watched Reynolds as she cracked jokes and did tricks with her props. Reynolds picked volunteers and did some ventriloquism.

“Knock, knock. Who’s there?” Reynolds asked the crowd. “Consumption. Consumption who? Consumption be done about this Easter bunny?”

Reynolds, holding a Tropicana orange juice carton, asked the audience if they drink orange juice. The majority of kids raised their hands.

“Orange juice is very good for you,” said Reynolds. “I tried to get a job at Tropicana, but they said that I couldn’t concentrate.”

The Livingston Hills event is for the adults, too, Reynolds said.

“This is a wonderful community resource and the staff does an incredible job,” Reynolds said. “It extends kindness and refreshes people.”

Saturday marked the fifth Easter egg hunt at Livingston Hills, said Admissions and Marketing Director Desiree Kraft. She said the center also has an annual event for Halloween and Christmas.

“These events keep getting bigger and bigger,” Kraft said. “There’s not a lot of community parties for kids around Columbia County.”

Before the egg hunt started, Tyler Sheldon, an 8-year-old from Stottville, said maybe 75-100 eggs would be available to find. It turned out to be way more.

When the kids were let loose to capture the eggs, it was not long before all the eggs were claimed.

“We want to come to more events here,” said Peggy Sheldon, Tyler’s mother. “This is really great for the kids.”

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