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Kickball anyone?

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    Hudson High and Columbia-Greene Community College graduate Mike Alert is hosting the first Hudson Kickball Showdown at Galvan Field in Hudson on August 3.

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    Former Hudson High and Columbia-Greene student-athlete Mike Alert will be attending Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia in the Fall.

July 16, 2019 01:00 pm Updated: July 16, 2019 02:00 pm

HUDSON — Mark your calendars for the first Hudson Kickball Showdown, which will be held on August 3 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at Galvan Field.

The event is the brainchild of former Hudson High and Columbia-Greene student-athlete Mike Alert.

“Coming up with the idea was the easy part,” Alert said. “Growing up, kickball was one sport from my understanding that everybody enjoyed. My plan was to bring back that excitement into people’s lives and let them get that feeling of being a kid again. A kickball tournament also allows people to come together for a good laugh, but also allows people to get their competitive edge back!”

Alert said there are rules to follow, but the main objective is for everyone to have a good time. 

“The event starts at 11, but I will tell those who are going to be playing to be there at 10:45 so I can explain the rules. Each game will be  five innings or 20 miuntes long. Each team is allowed 10-13 players. If you have a little more it is fine, but I do not want a team of 20 or so. 

“Only 10 players are allowed out on the field and the rest are reserves. If you’re kicking and your whole team kicks without getting 3 outs you rotate offense and defense. There will be NO HEADSHOTS and all throws must below the neck.. Cursing is an automatic out. There will be children present so we want to keep the bad language to a minimum.”

The cost to play is $10 per person, with all money raised going to a good cause.

“This fall I will be attending Morehouse College, which is an HBCU in Atlanta, Georgia,” Alert said. “This event is helping me be more financially prepared once I go down there. I want to raise money to help with my expenses, but also raise money to help a student attending college. 

“I’m all about giving back and I want to give out a scholarship to a student because I understand the stress that college brings. Another reason I’m doing this event is to bring Hudson together. We are too divided and do not stop to speak to one another so, hopefully, this event allows people to have conversations with others they may not have spoke to in a while or just allows people to interact with new faces.”

The event is open to everyone, ale and female, from age 15 and up. “For the first year I just put the event out there and whomever decides to come out and play is welcome,” Alert said. “I received messages from folks in Albany, Catskill and I’m not going to turn them away because it’s all about being welcomed. 

“A lot of times if you turn people away and put multiple limitations you start to see a decline because nobody wants to support you anymore. The age for the event is 15 and up because I wanted it to touch more on mid-teenagers to adults. Women and men are welcome to participate. I will not turn away any faces if they want to come out and have fun.”

Once the tournament is over, Alert plans on leaving for Morehouse College on August 10 to start the latest chapter in his life.

“I am looking for a full transformation of my life from boy to man,” Alert said. “Being in the inner city I have been challenged, but I have not been put into situations to the point where I have to weigh out my options. I want to learn how to manage a business as well and understand what it takes for one to thrive.

“I’m not like every other person where they have aspirations of being a doctor, accountant or any of the big jobs. I see myself changing the world in some shape or form. I want to create more jobs so I can help with unemployment and create a program that breeds success.”

Alert has some sound advice for those still trying to find themselves.

“For those who do not know what they want to do with their lives it’s okay,! Alert said. “From the ages 20-30 you should be taking and trying anything that comes to your mind. Like Gary Vaynerchuk said, ‘Don’t stress yourself out to live up to your family or an outsiders expectations because you can never fulfill someone’s every need.’

“I also want to say never give up and get out of your comfort zone because being challenged is the only way you can possible see what your made of. You must find out what you will live and die for because when your passionate about something you must have tunnel vision because your dreams can become a reality, but it is all decided by how bad you want it and if your willing to get back up if you fall.”

To register for the tournament or for information, contact Mike Alert at 518-965-5705 or A trophy will be awarded to the winning team, with a trophy also going to the squad with the most creative uniforms. Deadline to register is Saturday, July 20.