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It’s my party, and I’ll remember it if I want to

January 10, 2018 11:48 am Updated: January 10, 2018 12:06 pm

Have you all survived the bitter cold? I cannot remember being this cold for so long, except when growing up.

We had no central heating back then, just a coal stove and registers, and we survived. As Bill Mead said, some days we dressed in the barn with the cows because the heat from the cows made the barn warmer than the house. Now, the temperature gets below 70, and we freeze.

Many have had water or heat problems as a result of the below zero weather. Churches had to close on Sunday. Cars would not start. A guest speaker for Windham-Ashland had to cancel due to the death of his sister in South Korea. Prattsville had a farewell party for Pastors Betsy and Gregg Towne on Sunday.

Heard from Deacon Peter: Ecumenical Stations of the Cross will be held March 6 at 11 a.m. at St. Theresa’s. If anyone wants to take part, let me know. We have to start preparations for Easter on April 1.


A very happy 100th birthday to Alvena Hitchcock.

We wish to extend sympathy to the Sokoll family on the death of Lyle — a long-time resident of Windham. Louise and Mike Sokoll owned a garage in Windham, which is now where Michael’s Diner sits. Upon retirement, they turned it over to their son, Lyle, who ran it as a full-service garage and the local Ford car dealership. Lyle married Peg Austin who ran a beauty salon over the garage. They also had an apartment there and raised their two children, Lynn and Mindy. Peg is currently in Robinson Terrace. Keep the faith, Mindy. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Ed Zimmerman is in need of prayers.

Please remember all of those who had that virus going around and are not yet fully recovered, including Louise McRoberts and John LoPresti.


Sunday, Jan. 14, and every Sunday thru Feb. 4, East Durham volunteer Fire Company and Ladies Auxilary will be serving breakfast from 8 a.m. to noon. Breakfast made to order. Free will offering.


We just celebrated the birth of the most celebrated baby ever born. If you were invited to the shower for baby Jesus, what would your gift be?

Years ago, the birthday party was attended by grandparents, a few young friends and family. Mother would bake a cake. I would ask my boys what kind of cake they wanted, and in what shape: A truck, a boat, an animal, etc. We would light the candles, turn off the lights and sing. After blowing out the candles, we would all have a piece of cake and ice cream. You generally got one or two presents, a special gift from mom and dad, money from grandparents.

Some of the pictures found while Lorna Barlow Puleo was cleaning were pictures of a birthday party when she was around 9. All of the girls were dressed in their fancy dresses, pearl necklaces, hair curled, eating ice cream and cake. Party games were played, balloons and streamers festooned the dining room.

Vicky’s 16th birthday was a special one because it was held at the Rod and Gun Club, and included boys. Yes, Albin was invited, and Judy learned how to do the “Twist.” Such parties are what memories are made of.

In the ’80s, home parties became passe. Judy’s sons still had them, complete with cake, decorations and goodie bags all following a theme. She learned to make balloon animals for the kiddies.

But, when invited to parties, her sons went to McDonald’s and Chuckie Cheese. It’s so much easier than making a cake and having those little urchins mess up the house. Besides, I work, and don’t have time to plan a party. This way, we invite a slew of kids and have the staff clean up.

Bowling parties were a thing for awhile. Kids would bowl, have pizza and cake and go home. Are those memories the child will remember, or do they still talk about the Ghostbuster Party Jay had when he was 6, and everyone had a homemade party hat with the Ghostbuster logo and got to jump on the beds?

What memory would you cherish? I doubt if it’s the commercial one.

So, you had time to think. What gift did you come up with for Mary and Jesus?

Stay warm and healthy — Lula