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An innovative technology Hudson Valley can help the climate while improving the economy

October 26, 2019 12:15 am

To the editor:

The article in the Register-Star (16 Oct 2019), Population, school enrollment declining indicates a poor recovery in the Hudson Valley since the “Great Recession that began in December 2007.”

There has been slowed growth in manufacturing jobs that pay $70,000 while having an increase of jobs in the food and hospitality sector with average salaries in the $21,000-$30,000 range.

Population is reported as stagnant, with an aging population and fewer births. There is reported insufficient social and economic preparation for an aging population in the Hudson Valley. Preparations are required to attract and maintain a younger population in the Hudson Valley. Failure to plan may alter the future adversely.

The Rebuild Rural America Act proposed by U.S. Sen Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Antonio Delgado D-19 can be a helpful platform. The proposal expects to “encourage communities to come together.” Perhaps this proposal is the catalyst for sowing seeds and harvest an Innovative Technology Hudson Valley.

Because of Climate Change political and business is being provided an opportunity to develop a foundation for an Innovative Technology Hudson Valley. Vision and planning may have an opportunity to grow the population, social and economic elements of the Hudson Valley.

Placing a fee on Carbon, as has been a goal of the Citizens Climate Lobby can be a catalyst. Adding other innovative technology can provide additional solutions. There are jobs on the horizon, requiring development, some not yet invented. Why not develop them in the Hudson Valley and make this The Innovative Technology Hudson Valley?

Dr. Clarence B. Henry