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Indians defeat La Salle on the wrestling mat

December 18, 2018 02:07 am Updated: December 18, 2018 02:07 am

RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK — The RCS Indians pulled off another win in their match Dec. 13, this time defeating La Salle Institute by a score of 52-27.

RCS won two matches by decision — Dylan Allman over Chris Hendrick in the 120-pound division, and Ernie Greene over Dom Nemier in the 145-pound division.

The Indians took home two victories by fall — Frank Broadhust defeated James Whalen in 0:48, and Kaden Gransbury defeated John Whalen in 3:11.

Four RCS athletes won by forfeit and there were no major decisions. Bobby Pelletier came out on top over Cole Edwards by default.

Full results of the match were as follows:

182: Erik Chapman (RACS) over Ray Hutton (LSIS) (MD 12-1)

195: Dylan Wolfe (LSIS) over Marty Brozowski (RACS) (Fall 0:56)

220: Matt O`Connor (RACS) over (LSIS) (For.)

285: Christian Salvio (RACS) over (LSIS) (For.)

99: John Meracle (RACS) over (LSIS) (For.)

106: Callan Smith (LSIS) over (RACS) (For.)

113: Frank Broadhurst (RACS) over James Whalen (LSIS) (Fall 0:48)

120: Dylan Allman (RACS) over Chris Hendrick (LSIS) (Dec 12-7)

126: Kaden Gransbury (RACS) over John Whalen (LSIS) (Fall 3:11)

132: Bobby Pelletier (RACS) over Cole Edwards (LSIS) (Def.)

138: Nick Pino (LSIS) over Eric Mattick (RACS) (Dec 11-4)

145: Ernie Greene (RACS) over Dom Nemier (LSIS) (Dec 7-4)

152: Marlon Laing (RACS) over (LSIS) (For.)

160: Joey Rogers (LSIS) over Andrew Chambers (RACS) (Fall 2:35)

170: Caiden Mondore (LSIS) over Ricky Hernandez (RACS) (Fall 4:33)