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Inaccurate comments made

October 9, 2019 09:00 am

To the editor:

Your article, Politics Muddle Cairo’s Supervisor Race, published October 2, 2019, contains grossly inaccurate and misleading comments by Brent Bogardus, County Republican Committee Chairman and Co-commissioner of Greene County’s Board of Elections. Borgadus’s statement that, “State election law requires all committees to have organizational meetings in a prescribed timeline: Sept. 17 through Oct. 2” is a complete misstatement of state law.

In fact, the current state election law, section 2-112, requires state committees to re-organize between September 17 and October 1. County committees must organize between September 17 and October 6. According to Election Law section 2-112(c), the re-organization of all other committees, ie: town, village, district, is done, “within the time specified by party rules.” Since the county committee has no rules governing the reorganization of town committees, and since the town committee’s rules are also silent on the issue, re-organization can occur at any time.

If Brent Bogardus, an election commissioner, doesn’t know this, he should resign from his position due to incompetence. If he does know this, he has purposefully misstated the law for his own partisan, political purposes in an attempt to smear me and our town committee. Such actions are not acceptable from an election commissioner and he should resign because he clearly has a conflict of interest between his duties as an election commissioner and head of a county party committee.

Daniel Benoit