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Ignorning current situation is shortsighted

July 11, 2018 08:47 am

To the editor:

Kinderhook Town Board member Sally Hogan recently posted pictures of the Town’s old Electric Park on her Facebook page saying “this goes to show you that when a community comes together to build something for the community it will always be a community success…” While waxing philosophically about the town’s past accomplishments and “community,” Mrs. Hogan seems to forget more recent town history. Volunteer Park was the result of the community developing land for recreation and renovating the buildings for community use. While park was obtained from the State and developed under a previous Town administration with much of the development done by community volunteers, the current administration, of which Mrs. Hogan is now a part, has allowed the two buildings on the property to fall into disrepair.

When she ran for the Board in 2017, her campaign team decried her opponents’ calling for the restoration of a building in Volunteer Park as a community center. Additionally, as a Town Board member, she has publicly voiced her opposition to the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail. In both cases, to rationalize her position, she parrots the tired lament of the town’s current administration, “we are keeping taxes down.” Lauding Kinderhook’s “community” history while ignoring the community’s current situation is, at a minimum, shortsighted. More politically savvy folks may see it as just another “shiny object” distraction that seems to have become standard fare in Trump’s America.

William Mancini