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I’m voting for Pat Ryan

June 11, 2018 10:22 am Updated: June 12, 2018 04:13 pm

To the Editor:

The seven candidates running for the Democratic nomination in the 19th Congressional District are all good people, and they all seem to be pretty much in the same place on the important issues facing the District and the Country. The major differences among them relate to background, experience, personal style and appeal to non-Democratic voters.

I am pretty sure that all Democrats will vote for the winner of the June 26 Democratic Primary in the November general election against John Faso. But the Democratic nominee will also need non-Democratic votes to win in November. So the question for the Democratic primary voter becomes which of the seven candidates, if nominated, is most likely to attract enough non-Democratic voters to beat John Faso. I believe Pat Ryan is the only one who can.

Pat’s family roots in the 19th District, his West Point education and service in the US Army, his small business experience, and his easy going personal style have allowed him to connect with a broad spectrum of voters in the District, regardless of their party affiliation.

Pat comes across as thoughtful, solid and likeable, not at all a fast talking, slick politician. And as a West Pointer, Pat is part of the “Long Gray Line” committed to Duty, Honor, Country. West Point graduates like Pat embody these values in all that they do, and bring to public service an integrity and credibility rare in politics. This appeals to all voters, regardless of party affiliation.

I think Pat is the only Democratic candidate who can attract the non-Democratic vote necessary to beat John Faso in November. That’s why I am voting for Pat Ryan to be the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 19th District.

Art Bassin

Ancram Town Supervisor

Member, Columbia County Board of Supervisors