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Hudson school construction enters final phase

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    Construction is underway to add a new wing at Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School in Hudson City School District.
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    Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School is getting a new wing, which will house a gym, renovated classrooms and specialty academic areas.
October 26, 2017 11:30 pm

HUDSON — The final phase of the Hudson City School District’s $19.9 million capital improvement project is underway.

Administrators and Board of Education members recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new primary wing at Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School on Harry Howard Avenue.

Hudson City School Superintendent Maria Suttmeier said the 18,000-square-foot primary wing would house a gym, renovated classrooms and specialty areas for academic intervention and special education.

The new wing will allow the district to house Pre-K through fifth grades at Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School next fall and look at other options for the John L. Edwards Primary School, which now houses kindergarten and first grades.

“As a small city school district with such a diverse population, the least of amount of building-to-building transition the better,” Suttmeier said. “We’ll see improvements in the way students learn and the environment we offer to them.”

“While we’re consolidating, we’re also growing. As you right size a district, you’re able to focus on the work and that’s what I’m looking forward to next year,” Suttmeier said.

Once the new wing is complete, it will mark the end of the capital project, which began last fall, for the Hudson City School District.

Other improvements include a new chiller to improve climate in the schools, repaired and replaced gym bleachers, updated heating and ventilation systems, and a new track and field complex at Hudson High School.

“We had been turning out state champions for track and field, but we had to take students to another facility to practice and couldn’t host anything, because our track wasn’t compliant,” Suttmeier said. “We felt it was time to invest in our students and in our athletic programs, which are known to keep students in school and engaged in academics.”

When the new wing is open at Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School, which is scheduled to be completed at the end of summer 2018, Suttmeier said she’s looking forward to having a continuum of services for students.

“When there are individual buildings, there is a potential for a disconnect when it comes to readily having teachers under one roof working together, so this will allow us to tighten up what we’re already doing,” she said. “We’ve made great progress over the last five years and we’re looking to have a continuum of best practices for curriculum and instruction, which will benefit our students and the learning taking place.”

Once the capital improvement project has concluded next year, Suttmeier said it would signify a huge accomplishment for the Hudson community.

“We’re improving our image and the outcome of our students,” she said. “I believe the conclusion will be a very different district and I look forward to leading the district into the future.”

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