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Hudson hosts Patroon Championships — Greenville, Maple Hill softball share Patroon title; Chatham tennis advances to championship match

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    Girls compete in the Steeplechase on Wednesday in the Patroon Conference varsity track & field championships at Hudson High.
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    Hudson’s Zion Brown chucks a shot put on Wednesday in the Patroon Conference varsity track & field championships at Hudson High.
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    Justin Porreca/Columbia-Greene Media Taconic Hills’ Sydney Smith clears the bar on Wednesday in the Patroon Conference varsity track & field championships at Hudson High.
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    Justin Porreca/Columbia-Greene MediaKaytlyn McNatt launches a discus on Wednesday in the Patroon Conference varsity track & field championships at Hudson High.
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    Justin Porreca/Columbia-Greene Media Chatham’s Gaby Neven soars in the triple jump on Wednesday in the Patroon Conference varsity track & field championships at Hudson High.
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    Top area runners compete in the 100-meter hurdles on Wednesday in the Patroon Conference varsity track & field championships at Hudson High.
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    Contributed photo Pictured is the 10U Northern Columbia Chaos travel softball team. Front row, from right, Ava Scali, Emma Autrey, Kasey Purdy, Maddy Clark, Skylar Konkle; Second row, Brooke Miller, Riley Strobel, Leigha Wiley, Emma Holmberg, Lainey Morrison, Ava Edmond, Madison Paul; Third row, manager Matt Konkle, coaches Mike Autrey and Lynn Clark. Missing is coach Paul Strobel.
May 16, 2018 10:00 pm Updated: May 17, 2018 03:20 pm

HUDSON — The Taconic Hills girls track and field team won the Patroon Conference Championships on Wednesday at Hudson for the first time since 1977.
Maple Hill boys won their meet.
Taconic Hills claimed the top spot on the girls side with 172 points, followed by Maple Hill (139), Emma Willard (92), Coxsackie-Athens (39), Rensselaer (38), Cairo-Durham (33), Greenville (20), Chatham (19), Hudson (13.5), Catskill (12), New Lebanon (2.5) and Albany Leadership (2).
On the boys side, Maple Hill (146) took top honors, followed by Green Tech (101.5), Rensselaer (89), Taconic Hills (77.5), Coxsackie-Athens (37), Chatham (30), Cairo-Durham (17), Catskill (9), New Lebanon (9) and Greenville (3).
Girls results (Top 3): 100 — 1. Chynna Lockenwitz, TH, 12.61, 2. Bridget Bennett, MH, 12.92, 3. Khairat Raji, EW, 13.20; 200 — 1. Chynna Lockenwitz, TH, 26.30, 2. Amelia Canetto, TH, 26.32, 3. Bridget Bennett, MH, 26.60; 400 — 1. Amelia Canetto, TH, 59.49, 2. Emma Pearsall, MH, 1:03.24, 3. Lily Makely, C-D, 1:04.40; 800 — 1. Alex Colwell, TH, 2:31.63, 2. Skylar Dailey, EW, 2:33.13, 3. Gabrielle Myers, C-D, 2:35.14; 1,500 — 1. Alex Colwell, TH, 5:09.92, 2. Molly Zahnleuter, EW, 5:10.49, 3. Chantelle Sosa, C-A, 5:25.40; 3,000 — 1. Tess Fitzmaurice, GRE, 10:58.05, 2. Angelina Pusateri, MH, 11:12.98, 3. Skylar Dailey, EW, 11:20.05; 100H — 1. Tori Whimple, MH, 16.20, 2. Clare Howard, TH, 17.75, 3. Caroline Paige, REN, 17.90; 400H — 1. Clare Howard, TH, 1:10.22, 2. Alyssa Soto, C-A, 1:14.37, 3. Chloe LoFaro, EW, 1:17.95; 2,000 Steeplechase — 1. Skylar Misiaszek, MH, 8:34.19, 2. Willa Werweiss, EW, 9:15.78, 3. Felicity Li, EW, 9:27.85; 4x100 — 1. Emma Willard, 51.49, 2. Rensselaer, 51.62, 3. Maple Hill,52.88; 4x400 — 1. Taconic Hills, 4:11.56, 2. Maple Hill, 4:19.01, 3. Coxsackie-Athens, 4:26.66; 4x800 — 1. Taconic Hills, 10:20.57, 2. Greenville, 10:25.91, 3. Cairo-Durham, 10:42.16; High Jump — 1. Sharde Johnson, EW, 5-4, 2. Emma Pearsall, MH, 4-10, 3. Guialem Bonsa, CHAT, 4-8; Pole Vault — 1. Shirah Strock, MH, 9-7, 2. Lily Russo, TH, 7-6, 3. Julia Munn, C-A, 6-6; Long Jump — 1. Chynna Lockenwitz, TH, 16-6.75, 2. Lily Russo, TH, 15-5.75, 3. Julia Pugliese, MH, 15-4.75; Triple Jump — 1. Tori Whimple, MH, 37-0, 2. Julia Pugliese, MH, 35-2, 3. Amelia Canetto, TH, 32-7; Shot Put — 1. Sophie Schindler, CAT, 31-7, 2. Bliss Rhoads, TH, 29-11.25, 3. Shannon Tacy, MH, 29-0; Discus — 1. Bliss Rhoads, TH, 96-8, 2. Abbey Gatjkowski, TH, 83-3, 3. Jessica Behn, CHAT, 81-4; Pentathlon — 1. Catherine LaPorta, REN, 1999, 2. Amy Smith, TH, 1745, 3. Alexus Smith, MH, 1683.
Boys results (Top 3): 100 — 1. La’Kyi Russell, GT, 11.38, 2. Majid Musa, GT, 11.40, 3. Tyrese Smith, REN, 11.49; 200 — 1. Delandre Johnson, GT, 23.53, 2. Tyrese Smith, REN, 23.64, 3. Tayjul Tonmay, HUD, 23.84; 400 — 1. Bryan Kern, MH, 52.93, 2. Joshua Campbell, GT, 53.40, 3. Tayjul Tonmay, HUD, 54.07; 800 — 1. Bryce Arno, MH, 2:08.28, 2. Henry Goca, REN, 2:10.42, 3. Matthew Burke, C-A, 2:10.84; 1,600 — 1. Russell Beck, TH, 4:45.68, 2. Noah Albanese, TH, 4:46.49, 3. Henry Goca, REN, 4:58.97; 3,200 — 1. Noah Albanese, MH, 10:35.53, 2. Henry Goca, REN, 10:53.50, 3. Jacob Davies, CAT, 11:08.05; 110H — 1. Htat Lwin, REN, 15.57, 2. Duvon Turmon, GT, 16.12, 3. Bryan Jacobs, MH, 16.16; 400H — 1. Noah Taylor, HUD, 58.58, 2. Bryan Jacobs, MH, 1:01.25, 3. Htat Lwin, REN, 1:01.53; 3,000 Steeplechase — 1. Henry Goca, REN, 10:24.15, 2. Jorge Garcia, TH, 11:02.36, 3. Matthew Riordan, MH, 11:03.03; 4x100 — 1. Green Tech, 44.58, 2. Hudson, 45.92, 3. Rensselaer, 46.30; 4x400 — 1. Maple Hill, 3:38.02, 2. Hudson, 3:40.05, 3. Taconic Hills, 3:44.80; 4x800 — 1. Maple Hill, 8:35.75, 2. Taconic Hills, 8:40.06, 3. Hudson, 9:21.95; High Jump — 1. Bryce Arno, MH, 5-8, 2. Ethan Handel, C-D, 5-8, 2. Jack Marx, C-A, 5-8, 2. Trevor New, TH, 5-8; Pole Vault — 1. Michael Scott, MH, 13-3, 2. Hunter Pomykaj, MH, 11-0, 3. Bryan Kern, MH, 10-6; Long Jump — 1. Trevor New, TH, 20-6.25, 2. Xavier Nixon, REN, 20-5.75, 3. Eric Steffeck, MH, 19-3.5; Triple Jump — 1. La’Kyi Russell, GT, 42-2.25, 2. Duvon Turmon, GT, 40-4.5, 3. Xavier Nixon, REN, 40-9; Shot Put — 1. Hayden Spock, CHAT, 47-10.75, 2. Zyan Brown, HUD, 44-11.5, 3. Emmanual Murrey, GT, 37-7.5; Discus — 1. Hayden Spock, CHAT, 140-6, 2. Zyan Brown, HUD, 124-0, 3. Jason Gaylord, TH, 115-5; Pentathlon — 1. Thatcher Deyoe, MH, 2800, 2. Fabian Kendrick, MH, 2367, 3. Tyler Price, NL, 2319.



Greenville 7, Taconic Hills 1

GREENVILLE — Greenville clinched a share of the Patroon Conference softball title on Wednesday by defeating Taconic Hills 7-1.

The Lady Spartans wrap up league play with a 12-2 record, identical to Maple Hill’s 12-2 mark.

“The Patroon league has some real quality teams in it,” Greenville coach Brian Haller said. “All year long Greenville, Chatham and Maple Hill have been ranked at the top of Class C and Taconic Hills is a very good B team. This league title was hard earned for sure.”

Ava Fitzmaurice put a stamp on the final game of the regular season, hitting two home runs for Greenville and accounting for four of her team’s RBI total. Callie Pfleging, Caila Benning and Alexis Caprio each had two singles while Jazzmin Gibson and Baillie Kappel each singled.

On the mound, Fitzmaurice went the distance, allowing one run on four hits and two walks with 11 strikeouts.

“Ava was her usual self today on mound and at the dish,” Haller said. “Led the game off with a homer and then had a dagger shot to deep left to put it out of reach. Ballie Kappel had a huge hit for us early in game.”

Emily Mottoshiski toed the rubber for the Titans, giving up five earned runs on 10 hits and three walks with three Ks.

At the plate, Mackenzie Sparacino had two singles as Macayla Sparacino and Delana Bonci had one single apiece.

“So proud of the girls for persevering through a difficult season. We only played three home games this year, so we did a lot of traveling,” Haller said. “We practiced outside four times the enitre season. I’m proud to be their coach and look forward to the entire league doing well in sectionals.”

Both teams await seeding in the Section II tournament today.



Ichabod Crane 8, Lansingburgh 1

LANSINGBURGH — Alex McKearin blasted two home runs and Brittany Futia added a solo shot to back the two-hit pitching of Calista Phippen as Ichabod Crane defeated Lansingbrugh, 8-1, in Wednesday’s Colonial Council softball game.

Phippen allowed her first earned run of the season in the third inning when Angleina Montanez doubled and was singled home by Madison Teta, but struck out 17 bbaters and walked only three to helpt he Riders post their 16th win against just one defeat.

McKearin’s two homers paced the Riders’ eight-hit attack. Futia had a triple to go along with her home run, Jenna Downey contributed two singles and an RBI and Gabbie Cox and Kaili Saccento both singled.

Losing pitcher Julia Thompson struck out eight and walked two.

Ichabod Crane is slated to to host Shaker today at 4:30 p.m. in a non-league game.



Maple Hill 6, Cohoes 1

CASTLETON — Maple Hill capped its regular season with a 6-1 nonleague varsity softball victory on Wednesday.

Maple Hill, the Patroon Conference co-champion, was led at the plate by Arianna Papas, who belted a home run and a single with four RBI. Alysa Houghtaling, Emily Burns, Paige Bleau, Makaila Maier and Tara Smith each singled.

Houghtaling started the game on the hill for MH, going five innings with one unearned run allowed on three hits and two walks with eight strikeouts. Kenzie Seymour closed out the final two innings with one K and two hits.

Maple Hill (15-3, 12-2 Patroon) awaits seeding in the Section II tournament today.



Greenville 4, Coxsackie-Athens 1

GREENVILLE — Liam Krasney scattered six hits over 6 1/3 innings with 10 strikeouts as Greenville completed a season sweep of Coxsackie-Athens with a 4-1 victory in Wednesday’s Patroon Conference baseball game.

Krasney was lifted after reaching his pitch limit with one out in the sixth. Seamus Kappel came on to get the final two outs.

Greenville broke up a 1-1 game with a run in the fifth when Mike Leonardo doubled, took third on a fly out and scored on Cole ackerman’s sacrifice fly.

The Spartans added two insurance tallies in the sixth on a single by Kappel, a pair of infield errors and a sacrifice fly by Ryan McAneny.

Leonardo had a double and single to lead Greenville. Milton Edmonds doubled, Kappel had two singles and an RBI, Keenan Mulholland singled and Ackerman and McAneny each had an RBI.

Kane Schrader topped C-A (12-4, 16-4) with a double, single and an RBI. Gil Bell, Aiden Boehm, Ethan Foster and Donny Blowers all singled.

Adam Evans took the loss for C-A, striking out one walking two and allowing four runs on six hits.

Greenville finishes the regular season 11-5 in the Patroon and 13-6 overall and will compete in the Section II Class CC playoffs. C-A will compete in Class B.


Maple Hill 7, Chatham 2

CASTLETON — Maple Hill scored five runs in the fifth inning to break up a tie game and hand Chatham a 7-2 defeat in Patroon Conference varsity baseball Wednesday.

Dylan Chestnut led the offense for the Wildcats with a double and a single. Nick Butler, Kyle Tedford and Alec Yager each doubled while Connor Hall and Tyler Hanrahan singled.

Yager tossed a complete game for MH, giving up two runs on eight hits and one walk with three strikeouts.

Garner Boshart, Aidan Jackson and Anderson Coonrad shared pitching duties for Chatham, combining to allow seven runs — four earned — on seven hits and four walks.

Kaleb Taylor hit a triple and a single, Kris Roblez a double and single, Dylan Madsen a double, and Boshart, Curtis Buchan and Caleb Doyle a single apiece.

The two teams await seeding in the Section II tournament today.


Germantown 17, New Lebanon 3

NEW LEBANON — The Germantown Clippers grabbed their eighth win of the season with a 17-3 victory over the New Lebanon Tigers in CHVL baseball action Wednesday afternoon.

Junior Jeremy Cosenza did it all for Germantown in the win. On the hill, Cosenza tossed four innings and surrendered three runs—one earned—off three hits while striking out four. At the dish, Cosenza finished 3-for-5 with three singles and an RBI.

Josh Sanzo also had a solid day with three singles and an RBI and Dean Ruzich added two singles and two RBI.

Victor Ruocco and Andrew Kellenbenz finished the game on the hill for Germantown, tossing a combined three innings of shutout baseball, allowing three hits while punching out five.

For New Lebanon, Trey Orme-Ouch led the way with a perfect day at the dish, going 3-for-3 with two singles, a triple, and an RBI.

Germantown (8-6) awaits their Section II, Class D seeding.


No. 1 Chatham 5, No. 4 Maple Hill 2

CHATHAM — Top seeded Chatham is heading to the Section II, Class C/D championship today after beating No. 4 Maple Hill 5-2 on Wednesday.

Results (Chatham listed first): Keon Armstrong def. Tim Wochinger 6-0, 6-1; Oliver Allen def. Evan Fink 6-2, 6-0; Tom Cozzolino lost to Seth Roberts 2-6, 1-6; Brandon Baccaro def. Logan McGarvey 6-2, 6-3; John Miles lost to Landon Flach 4-6, 4-6; Doubles: Kenneth Fay/Ray Lippman def. Dominic Hirschoff/Davin Sherwood 7-5, 6-1; Wayatt Kirchner/Liam Powers def. Adam Salerno/Jack Utter 6-4, 6-2.



No. 2 Schalmont 7, No. 3 Taconic Hills 0

SCHALMONT — No. 3 Taconic Hills saw its season come to a close on Wednesday as the Titans fell to No. 2 Schalmont 7-0 in the Section II, Class B semifinals.

Taconic Hills wraps its season at 10-7.

Results (TH listed first): Ben Anderson lost to Will Britton 2-6, 3-6; Charles Howard lost to Zack Metzold 3-6, 2-6; Jacob Hathaway lost to Preston Paige 2-6, 0-6; Hunter Gardner lost to Luke Parisi 2-6, 1-6; Danny First lost to Cole Contompasis 0-6, 2-6; Doubles: Alex Chamberlain/Martin Schmitt lost to Alex Diana/John Sanders 0-6, 0-6; Kirsten Johnson/Chris Russell lost to Jordan Bush/Ryan Older 0-6, 0-6.



CLIFTON PARTK — The Northern Columbia Chaos 10U travel softball team competed in the Halfmoon May Madness Tournament this past weekend in Clifton Park.

Chaos went 3-0 in pool play on Friday and Saturday with wins again Brunswick Blitz, 5-2, Halfmoon Lightning, 26-4, and Connecticut Diamond Club, 9-5, earning the No. 2 seed and a first round bye going into single elimination play on Sunday.

Chaos then faced off against the No. 3 seed Latham Blue Devils and were able to pull out a 9-4 win to advance to the championship game against the North Country Wildcats.

After two innings, the score remained tied 0-0 until the Wildcats scored seven runs on some key hits and fielding errors by the Chaos squad. Chaos answered back with two runs, but ultimately fell short, losing 10-2 to earn runner-up honors.

Emma Holmberg had an outstanding weekend, going 13 for 15 with a double, triple, three RBI and nine runs scored. Ava Edmond added a home run and four singles, Riley Strobel five singles, Leigha Wiley four singles, Kasey Purdy three singles, Emma Autrey, Ava Scali and Brooke Miller two singles apiece, and Skylar Konkle, Maddy Clark, Maddy Paul and Lainey Morrison a single each.

Strobel went 23 1/3 innings on the mound, surrendering a total of 21 runs — 17 earned — on 29 hits and 20 walks with 34 strikeouts. Konkle tossed 2/3 of an inning with one K, five walks and one hit.

The Chaos compete in the Hudson Mohawk Travel Softball League’s Red Division this summer, playing against 10U travel softball teams throughout Rensselaer, Albany, Saratoga and Warren Counties.