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Hudson High School Class of 1953 reunion to be held Sept. 22

September 10, 2018 11:44 am

HUDSON - Hudson High School Class of 1953 has finalized the plans for the 65th reunion to be held Sept. 22 at Kozel’s Restaurant, Route 9H, Ghent. The cocktail hour begins at noon. Reservations have been received from the following classmates: Ellen and Robert Brenzel, Dorothy (Briwa) Ball, Jean (Campeta) Barney, Georgia (Carr) Daniell, Shirley (Dallas) and Steve Shumsky, Yvonne (Dauski) and Raymond Dell, Ruth (Dinning) Morris, Dolores (Dolfax) Steurwald, Mary Ellen (Franklin) Henderson, Theresa (Gambacorta) and Allen Halsted, Jean and Frank Preston, Patsy Gaudio, Gerald Jennings, Catherine (Gorman) Leggett, Veronica (Gosney) Moore, Alice (Holmes) Bradley, Yvonne (Leck) Patzwahl, Jeannette and William Link, John Mizerak, Margaret (Mullins) Cordato, Nancy (Needham) Finkle and Myron, Mary (Pendergast) Gruber, Mary (Quinion) Wambach, Helen Alice (Rosenberg) Becker, Eleanor and Don Shallo, Lori and Larry Taylor, Barbara Teter, Arlene (Tkacy) Bratton, Jane and Don Torchia, Betty and John Unson, Delia (Veltri) Davi, Betty (Viscup) and Peter Ostrander, Frank Werner, Helen and Bruce Willis, Leonard Wise, Norma (Wolfe) Barnard, Marion and John Woodward, Barbara (Schlottler) Zyko, Nick Koulos, Nancy and James VanBuren.