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Greene Jobs and Opportunities Act, an inclusive approach for climate solutions

August 29, 2019 05:15 am

To the editor:

Congressman Delgado’s bill, discussed at Columbia-Greene Community College on Aug. 25, is an inclusive approach for achieving solutions to help avoid and reduce many of the severe causes of climate change.

This bill requests an evaluation of current trends and shortages for climate solutions with oversight and constant re-evaluation to review and restructure climate solution needs.

Because climate solutions will undoubtedly change and all required jobs are not presently known, this bill allows for constant periodic review and reassessment, thus allowing for changes; as needs expect to change.

This bill considers short, middle and long-term solutions. It is inclusive for presently known job transition training and re-hiring, while including members of “underrepresented populations and vulnerable communities.”

Another important consideration is the recognition for student involvement in the process of climate solutions. Yes, students, our children whose lives and future will be most burdened by the present and ongoing destructive elements of climate change.

Climate solutions will require participation from all members of society, Congressman Delgado’s bill allows a pathway for all. Solutions for the climate crises are complex and will require a multipronged approach. Adding a fee and dividend on carbon will enhance the tools used for climate solutions.

Dr. Clarence B. Henry