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Galvan gives more than $250,000 to local organizations

February 11, 2019 01:21 pm Updated: February 12, 2019 08:34 am

HUDSON — Galvan Foundation will give more than $250,000 to support several organizations, including Coarc and the town of Greenport, according to a statement released by Galvan on Friday.

The foundation, which owns and operates housing and property throughout Columbia County, awards grants to local organizations each year. The company announced Friday it will give $251,500 to local organizations including Perfect Ten, Coarc, the Hudson Children’s Book Festival, the Greenport Fire Police and several others.

“We are proud to be part of a community full of innovative organizations working to make Hudson and Columbia County a better place to live,” said T. Eric Galloway, founder and president of the Galvan Foundation. “With the Galvan Foundation, we are delighted to support their work. Today’s round of grant funding is just a part of our long-term commitment to this community and we are always looking for other initiatives to support.”

The town of Greenport is slated to receive a one-time $4,000 grant from Galvan to purchase new uniforms for the Greenport Fire Police.

“This is wonderful,” Greenport Town Supervisor Kathy Eldridge said. “Right now, they just wear suits, but we want them to look official when they are the job.”

Galvan awarded $40,000 to Perfect Ten, a nonprofit that offers education and experiences to empower girls from fourth through 12th grades, according to The foundation made a two-year commitment to the organization, which started in 2010.

“Over the past decade, Perfect Ten has grown rapidly,” founder Paula Forman said. “We are so proud of the girls who have grown with us, the audacious futures they strive for and the respect they show for themselves and others.

“Our home in the Galvan Armory has played a big role in our expansion and this new commitment will allow us to continue growing,” she added. “With Galvan Foundation’s help, we hope to serve over 200 girls from Columbia County in the future.”

Galvan made a five-year commitment Friday to fund Coarc, a nonprofit that helps educate children with developmental disabilities. This year’s $25,000 grant will support Coarc’s day care and preschool programs.

Last year, the foundation committed to support Bard Early College Hudson, the Warren Street Academy and the Hudson Children’s Book Festival for several years each.

Galvan will award $112,500 to Bard Early College Hudson this year for operating costs in the second of its multi-year commitment. The program prepares high school students for, and helps them afford, college.

Galvan awarded Warren Street Academy — an alternative school in Hudson that helps at-risk students — and the Hudson Children’s Book Festival for the second year. The academy will receive $60,000 and Galvan will award $10,000 to the city’s annual book festival.

Since 2012, the Galvan Foundation has provided over $3 million to local organizations to expand educational and economic opportunity, increase access to affordable housing and preserve the environment and Columbia County’s history.

The foundation invites organizations to contact Dan Kent at to discuss or apply for future funding opportunities.