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Friedman resigns; Democrats tap Mizan

November 6, 2017 09:11 pm Updated: November 7, 2017 06:05 pm

HUDSON — Democrats on the Common Council have tapped their replacement for Third Ward Alderman John Friedman, who announced he is stepping down.

It is unclear when Friedman announced his decision. His resignation was effective Oct. 25.  

Second Ward Alderwoman and Majority Leader Tiffany Garriga said Monday that Democrats have chosen Shershah Mizan as their nominee to replace Friedman, a Democrat, to complete the two months left of his term. 

The Democratic caucus that chose Mizan was informal and there was no official vote, Garriga said. 

The Common Council will vote at its Nov. 13 meeting on whether to appoint Mizan, Garriga said. 

Mizan is already running unopposed for 3rd Ward Alderman and would take his seat on the Council when the new ward lines take effect in January.  

Common Council Democrats were faced with an unlikely scenario because under the current ward lines, Mizan technically does not reside in the 3rd Ward as it was when Friedman was elected. Neither does the other 3rd Ward candidate, Calvin Lewis, who is also running unopposed.

“Ultimately, our city attorney said it was the Council’s decision,” Garriga said. 

Mizan is a member of the Hudson City Democratic Committee and a volunteer with the Hudson Islamic Center. At a recent meeting hosted by mayoral candidate Rick Rector, Mizan said he was concerned about job training and educating the youth of the city. 

The decision to appoint Mizan will likely not be discussed at the special meeting scheduled for Thursday because that is when the mayor is slated to present the proposed 2018 city budget, Common Council President Claudia DeStefano said. 

“Based on the charter, the Council has the right to fill the spot, so they could appoint anyone to the position for the remainder of John’s term,” DeStefano said. 

If the Council chooses not to appoint a replacement, the mayor has the right to appoint someone, DeStefano said. 
Friedman has served the city on behalf of the Third Ward for three terms.

Friedman has not responded to calls for comment. He is no longer listed on the city’s website as 3rd Ward Alderman.  
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