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Fresh veggies and flowers to beat the winter doldrums

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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media The Hudson Indoor Market opened last weekend and will continue every Saturday through May, when the market will move outdoors.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media Kristen Kanter from JK Custom Furniture & Design, based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, shows off her wares during the Hudson Indoor Market this weekend.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media Mary T. Converse, owner of Wild Roots Farm, was one of the vendors at Saturday's market. She recently moved back to Hudson after transporting her 60 chickens, two horses and 18 goats across the country from Utah to Hudson.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media The Kitchen Girls perform for the crowd.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media Mother-daughter team Carolyn Barie, left, and Sarah Barie, from Blue Star Farm in Stuyvesant, brought a wide variety of produce and other items to the Hudson Indoor Market this weekend.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media Kim Yambrick, owner of Half Pint Farms, assists a customer.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media There was steady foot traffic all morning during the Hudson Indoor Market, held each weekend on Union Street.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media Saturday's Hudson Indoor Market didn't offer only fresh and prepared foods — there were also items like flowers, soaps and beauty products.
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    Liana Lekocevic/For Columbia-Greene Media Rory Tice, from Old Yorke Farm Distillery and Cooperage, brought the company's signature black walnut bourbon, along with vodkas and a liqueur, to the market.
February 9, 2019 10:15 pm

HUDSON — Got the winter doldrums? It may still be too chilly to head outdoors for very long, but a weekend market in Hudson is bringing the outdoors, indoors.

And they are doing it every Saturday from now until May.

The Hudson Indoor Market opened last Saturday, Feb. 2, for the 2019 season. This weekend, the market continued on Union Street, just off Sixth Street, and will be held weekly for the next couple of months, until the market moves back outdoors.

“This is our sixth year indoors,” said organizer Marilyn Cederoth, who also owns Cedar Farm in Ghent. “It’s all local vendors, a lot of organic products. It’s very successful — there are not many indoor markets in the winter, not with this volume. It’s well-supported.”

The indoor market was launched six years ago at the request of local customers.

“It got started because people who were customers at the outdoor market kept asking if we could do an indoor market in the winter,” Cederoth said. “It’s been very much well-received by the community.”

Between 16 and 25 vendors attend the market each Saturday, Cederoth said, including several guest vendors each week to mix things up a bit. There are also musicians every Saturday to keep toes tappin’.

The indoor market will run every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. from now through the last weekend in April, Cederoth said, and then the market will be moved outdoors to its traditional location in the municipal parking lot near the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Each Saturday, the indoor market offers a wide range of products, all from local vendors.

“We come every week and we also have a store on the farm,” said Kim Yambrick, owner of Half Pint Farms in Elizaville. “We raise miniature Herefords, a breed of beef cow, and Lowline angus. Having an indoor market like this is great — it has pretty much everything you have at a summer market. People want to eat healthy all year long.”

Mother-daughter duo Carolyn Barie and Sarah Barie were on hand from Blue Star Farm. The farm has long been a regular vendor at the indoor market.

“This is an excellent venue. It creates traffic, it’s the right size for us, and there is tons of traffic from locals and visitors alike,” Carolyn Barie said.

In addition to fresh vegetables, prepared foods like cakes and brownies, and other food items, there were several vendors selling beauty products. Mary Converse from Wild Roots Farm in Hudson offers a range of goat’s-milk soaps made from the goats on her farm. None of the animals are harmed during the process, she said.

“I make soap from goat’s milk from my herd,” Converse said. “We are based here in Hudson. I love Hudson — I moved back here after three years. I worked in California and Nevada, then I started my farm in Utah with the intent of moving back here. I transported two horses, 60 chickens and 18 goats back to Hudson from Utah, and I’m so happy to be back home.”

Up on the stage, musicians performed as shoppers made their way from vendor to vendor. This Saturday’s group was The Kitchen Girls, consisting of Gail Cameron, Deb Tankard, Vicky Boulay and Nina Lowenstein. They are regulars at both the indoor and outdoor Hudson markets.

“We play during the summer market maybe one or two times a year, and again here at the indoor market a couple of times,” said musician Gail Cameron. “It’s a great market — there are always kids dancing and it’s a great atmosphere.”

In addition to food and beauty products, there were other items like flowers and spirits. Rory Tice, from Old Yorke Farm Distillery and Cooperage, brought beverages that can warm you up on a cold winter’s eve.

“We have our black walnut bourbon, which is our featured product, and a couple of vodkas and a liqueur,” Tice said. “This market is right in our backyard and the people are always very receptive and willing to chat. We have been here three or four times, and so far, it’s been unbelievable for a winter market.”

The Hudson Indoor Market will be held each Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., through the end of April, at 601 Union St. in Hudson.