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FAR & WIDE National June 16 - July 15

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    Below the Surface, Aerial photograph
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    Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Oil on canvas
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    Pinch and Paddle: Cobblestone, Coral, Beads and Citrus Splash, Ceramic
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    Bitten Fruit, Photograph
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    A Long Journey to the Starting Point, Watercolor and ink
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    The Void, 2017, gouache, ink, pencil, on found paper, 61’x 40’
June 14, 2018 12:10 pm

WOODSTOCK — The Woodstock Artists Association & Museum will present it’s first national juried exhibition FAR & WIDE National Saturday, June 16 - Sunday, July 15. The reception will be Saturday July 23 from 4-6 p.m.

An outgrowth of WAAM’s annual regional exhibition, FAR & WIDE National attracted 192 submissions from artists living in 15 states including such far flung places as California, Illinois, Florida, and Texas. Artists were asked to address the theme “ little big things, how much emotional impact and conceptual depth can you convey in a small work of 24 inches or less?”. Juror Daniel Belasco, executive director of the Al Held Foundation, selected 1 work each from 33 artists. Those selected for the show responded to the theme in many different ways.

Rebecca Murtaugh was chosen for the Arthur Harris Best in Show Award for her ceramic work Pinch and Paddle: Cobblestone, Coral, Beads and Citrus Splash, a colorful sculpture that resembles an abstract vessel and by implication references the body. Chantelle Norton’s Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is an incredibly detailed realist painting of a dog’s back paws resting on white sheets which she says “explores the interwoven relationship between dog and human.” Photographer Ken Tannenbaum surprises with what at first glance appears to be a beautifully composed image of fruit which is transformed completely when one realizes that each apple and pear has a bite out of it. Similarly, Judy Glasel’s photograph seems to be a pure abstraction until upon further consideration it reveals itself as an aerial view of a beach. Isaac Roller’s 9.5 x 7 inch watercolor and ink work entitled “A Long Journey to the Starting Point,” is “motivated by a desire to understand the world, physically through the representation of solid objects and intellectually, drawing from history, literature, myth and dreams.”

Those artists exhibiting work in FAR & WIDE National include: Sandra Bertrand, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Yang Chen, Petros Chrisostomou, Brittney Ciccone

Marieken Cochius, Susan Spencer Crowe, Melanie Dion, Gina Dominique Hersey, Lynne Friedman, Judy Glasel, Celeste Hanlon, Mary Janacek, Darryl Jenifer, Clare Kambhu, SeungTack Lim, Rebecca Murtaugh, Danielle Muzina, Chantelle Norton, Archil Pichkhadze, Pamela Poquette, Isaac Roller, Charlotte Schulz, Zachary Skinner, Ken Tannenbaum, Robert Toyokazu Troxell, Stuart Vance, Claudia Waruch, Patricia Weise, James Westwater, Scott Wixon, Jayoung Yoon, and Monika Zarzeczna.

In his juror’s statement Belasco writes: “In a world turned upside down, is art a mirror or a corrective lens? The artists selected here… captured my interest because of their poignant responses to this question. Each work is an accomplished vision of the world of today, containing an amalgamation of craft and concept that compels the viewer to think simultaneously “wow” and “huh.

Also on view at WAAM from June 16 - July 15 is a solo show of work by Douglas Navarra entitled Presence. The works in this exhibition are meticulously crafted superimpositions of colorful and mostly abstract drawing and painting over antique documents collected by the artist. The visual dialogue between old and new mimics an implied conversation between past and present. The artist states that the, “retrieval from history is intended to portray a remembrance of our lost and forgotten identities. My own additions bear a reverence for these changes which subsequently give shape to the present, and simultaneously differentiate and join ‘then and now.’ “ Navarra will be at WAAM at 3:00 pm on Saturday, July 23 to give a gallery talk about his work.

In WAAM’s Founder’s Gallery, there will be an exhibition of small works by regional artists and in the Youth Exhibition Space will be: Future Visions, Chloe Mosbacher “Wake Up Call,” oil paintings by an exceptionally talented New Paltz High School Student, June 16 - August 5

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