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Don’t take Rip off the street

March 13, 2019 12:35 am

To the editor:

Kevin Vincent Kelly of Catskill’s response to the idiotic suggestion that Rip Van Winkle be disassociated from Catskill couldn’t have been more aptly or succinctly put. I agree: Ol’ Rip needs “sprucing up.” The wooden one on Main Street is depressingly somber and un-inviting! He deserves to remain in his legendary spotlight and it should be celebrated and enhanced, not obscured or diminished at all.

On another artistic subject, the Cat’n around Catskill’ project will sprout their beautiful “litters” along Main Street and other areas of Catskill. This is a community art exhibit which could and should be improved despite all its “purr-fectly well-intentioned efforts!”

My own submissions as a freelance, self proclaimed artist have been rejected over the years. Each one was a unique and interesting concept. I understand the basic format of the program: “a sponsor selecting the artist of their choice.” Hence, one artist has the opportunity to design a few cats as opposed to “one cat per artist.”

How about expanding the event to include some fresh ideas by unknown artists? Focus on talent and originality. Many of the cats, year after year, are truly excellent (museum quality, I might add). Interspersed are a few “unworthy” cats that are nothing less than atrocious. It detracts from the whole event’s aim to be as financially successful as possible (revenue for good purposes).

Here is my simple strategy: Rip needs a “make-over” — colors that really pop as they say. Cat project needs “revamping.”

Jean M. Dunn