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Displaying disdain for America

August 6, 2019 05:15 am

To the editor:

Trump’s ego-driven, anti-American, racist views were clearly apparent during the campaign. He has since acted out his outrageous opinions, forcing them on us while representing this country. Puzzling how his misguided followers don’t realize Trump’s major flaws. That make him grossly unfit.

They applaud his lack of morals, ignore the lies and digest every word out of his month as truth. “He’s one of us.” He speaks our language,” they say. So does the individual sitting on the bar stool next to you. Trump’s reputation for speaking through an unfiltered mouth makes him eligible for that bar stool. Not a seat in the White House.

Insulting four American congresswomen by telling to go back to their own country is typical of Trump’s two year history of crass, untrue and unfounded comments. What unforgiveable act were these four women allegedly guilty of? Disagreeing and criticizing the president? Free speech is one of our greatest assets and criticizing you, Mr. Trump, is not un-American. You Mr. Trump are not America.

When the inevitable uproar occurred, here and worldwide, Trump in his usual cowardly fashion concocted excuses creating a smoke screen to justify his inappropriate comments, “These women hate America, when you hate America, you should leave.” Where does such audacity originate? Telling American citizens to leave the U.S. defies the Constitution. Trump creates his own rules. Trump is the one guilty of hating America proven by his so-called leadership. His opinions and actions are displayed as disdain for America.

Trump has bragged about his ancestors coming from Germany “A beautiful little town.” Who would have guessed immigrants are in his past, with his hate for them now? Perhaps Trump is the one to go back to his own country.

Wooing with accolades, murderous dictators of North Korea and Russia, while disparaging our own government agencies, media (protected under the Constitution), numerous government officials past, present and even dead, is deranged, un-American and treasonous. Trump would be the first to agree if it were someone else, guilty of such despicable remarks.

The world stood by as Hitler ravaged Europe and annihilated millions, tore families apart (immigrants now), most never to be seen again. All this to rid the world of “inferior beings” and return to the pure, superior white Anglo Saxon race.

His maniacal reign of terror is recreating itself in Donald Trump. One of the groups Trump caters to, themselves idolizers of Hitler, are the white supremacists who are growing in number. Why was that violent, misguided element so delighted when Trump was elected? His philosophy no doubt matched their own twisted minds. Make America white again is their main goal and is obviously Trump’s.

“Never again,” is happening while humanity allows its repetition.

Eileen Minogue

Haines Falls