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Dismayed by letter

August 22, 2019 05:15 am

To the editor:

As a resident of Livingston, I was dismayed by the letter of support delivered at the Livingston Planning Board’s last hearing for the Global Partners Service Station proposal, by Dave Fingar. Mr. Fingar has attended hearings about this proposal and has strongly advocated support for it as is his right as a private citizen and Livingston resident. On Aug. 7, he introduced himself as Chairman of the Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) and read a letter to Chairman Phil Schmidt and the Planning Board that stated strong support of the CEDC board for the service station. It was soon revealed that the Global Partners’ proposal was never on the CEDC agenda and was never discussed nor authorized by the CEDC board.

In consideration of the fact that NYS regulatory agencies’ reviews for the project have not been completed and delivered to the Livingston Planning Board, it is most inappropriate and irresponsible for the CEDC to intrude upon the work process of the PB. These reports regarding the potential environmental impacts of the gas station in four important areas: septic, stormwater pollution prevention, habitat analysis and traffic design are still outstanding. If the Planning Board lacks this important information, how can the CEDC evaluate and recommend that the GP project is appropriate for this location? Until all the regulatory agencies’ feedback has been received and reviewed by the CEDC it would be responsible and appropriate for the CEDC board to retract Mr. Fingar’s letter with an apology to the Livingston Planning Board and residents. Water quality is already compromised in parts of Livingston. Further risks to its water resources as well as pollution and damage to the character of the community and local economy are potentially created by this project. These are vital issues that should be of concern to the CEDC. Fingar’s letter seriously undermines its efficacy.

Carole Clark