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A Democrat was passing out fliers on a city sidewalk. A Trump supporter called police.

August 13, 2018 11:03 am Updated: August 13, 2018 11:04 am

The fliers passed out by a New York state senator spoke of uniting Democrats and resisting President Donald Trump - a common strategy used to solidify the "blue" voting base before the midterms. But that message proved to be too much for a self-identified Trump supporter who on Thursday called the police to make him leave, according to the lawmaker's account.

Jesse Hamilton told The Post that he and his aides stood in front of a Brooklyn metro stop to pass out fliers to constituents while they traveled to work.

"Rising up Democrats!" the flier said, above a picture of Hamilton and two of his supporters.

Everything was going well . . . at least for three minutes. After Hamilton passed a flier to a white woman, who could not be identified by The Post, she began to speak of divisiveness, work ethic and Trump.

"Some immigrants don't have a good work ethic," the woman said in a Slavic accent, according to Hamilton's retelling. After 10 minutes of conversation, Hamilton offered to have a meeting in his office at a later date. She was taking his time away from other constituents, he said. The woman, who told Hamilton she immigrated to America to flee communism, refused. That's when one of Hamilton's aides pulled out his phone and started recording.

"I support Trump," the woman said. "And I see the difference between Democrat and Republican. And I see the difference between you and Trump."

"If you really want the nation to be as one and fight for the better life . . . you would not have put this here," she said, pointing to a slogan that said 'fighting back Trump.' The woman praised Trump for improving her finances and making America better, Hamilton said.

Hamilton told The Post that after a while, the woman requested he and his aides leave. They refused. Why should they leave a public sidewalk? But the refusal angered her. So she called the police, Hamilton said.

The police soon arrived to defuse the situation, Hamilton said. But the woman would not let up. And she demanded the police remove the lawmaker and his aides from the sidewalk. They told her that could not happen and left.

She still wouldn't stop, Hamilton said. He told The Post he voluntarily removed himself from the situation. After leaving for a few minutes, Hamilton returned to continue speaking to prospective voters. But she soon reappeared and began to follow him down the street, Hamilton said.

"I shouldn't have felt uncomfortable," Hamilton told The Post. "I'm minding my business and handing out political literature."

"This is just [another] person of color going through their normal lives and a citizen is calling the police to interrogate and intimidate," Hamilton said. "It's a disturbing trend of people calling 911 for situations that have no criminal activity."